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Halo 4 or Black Ops 2?

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User Info: Paulf001

4 years ago#1
Which game should I get?

User Info: OmegaBlades

4 years ago#2
Halo 4
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User Info: HeLeeham

4 years ago#3
I enjoyed both but Halo 4.

User Info: Gaebora_Kaepora

4 years ago#4
HeLeeham posted...
I enjoyed both but Halo 4.

That, in both single player and multiplayer
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User Info: Iceman83

4 years ago#5
halo 4
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User Info: mattcorley1212

4 years ago#6
Toys r us. Both for 90$
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User Info: Arucard05

4 years ago#7
Halo 4
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User Info: Doukou

4 years ago#8
Halo 4
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User Info: bronze4v4pro

4 years ago#9
You guys are just wrong.

No, the correct answer is black ops 2. Black ops 2 has the SUPERIOR single player- you can play against bots in offline mode, either by yourself or in splitscreen. This alone makes it easily better than any halo game.

It has a ton of offline modes and a ton of customization options vs the a.i. bots offline. It is infinite replay value, where halo 4 isn't because come time next year, when Halo 5 releases this same time of year, everybody will flock to it and Halo 4 will be dead online, which is the only reason to play the game.

Black ops 2 is superior.

User Info: SunDevil77

4 years ago#10
HeLeeham posted...
I enjoyed both but Halo 4.
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