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How many on demand games do you own?

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User Info: bigphil2003

4 years ago#11
I also prefer Physical copies and will buy those 99% of the time for full games, but I do own three Games on Demand games. None of which I've actually played even once yet.
Fable 2 (Got it free as part of a glitch)
Portal 2 (Bought the other week in the Black Friday sales)
Darksiders (Bought a few weeks back in the Halloween sale)
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User Info: GGearX

4 years ago#12
I have a couple.
Halo reach
resident evil 4
Assasins creed 2
Assasins creed brotherhood
Tales of vesperia

I agree on the whole "physical copies" a game. However Id rather buy a physical copy of a good game that I will come back to in the future (MGS collection, Dark souls,) and just buy a digital copy of a game that wont last long because of the replayability (Call of duty, halo, )
I just got vesperia because it was cheaper , Ill buy the Disk version later. I love this game.
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User Info: Lapanui

4 years ago#13
Pretty sure it's one. I can't remember if I bought anything else.

I got Bully because it was cheaper. I don't like buying used games, unless of course it's not available anywhere else, like older games.
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User Info: Spartangod777

4 years ago#14
Left 4 Dead 2 and Splinter Cell Conviction. Got both on sale (Conviction for $10 and Dead for $20 and all DLC), which these rarely do.
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User Info: Travarkoth

4 years ago#15
Just Skyrim because it was free for me.

Otherwise, I prefer my games physical.
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User Info: ATrueFinal

4 years ago#16
I own Metro 2033 and Alan Wake. I do prefer physical copies but when the price is right, I can't deny owning a cheap version. And it's nice not having to get up. It's convenient.

User Info: SoF-Rambo

4 years ago#17
Tried buying games off Steam, lost access to all of my games when I shut off my internet connection cuz I was moving. Never going through that heartbreak ever again.
Gamertag : Z0mb13S0ldier
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User Info: SS_MetalSonic

4 years ago#18
steam annoys me. i was trying to play fallout new vegas the other night put in disc : error message from steam , cannot start steam try again later...

i put in the disc . the game should start screw steam! but nooooooo


i have crysis on demand even though i have it on for PC . just wanted to support crytek because they are cool. i plan to get ninja gaiden black and fable.
PSWiiPC60DS - Deus Ex, Crysis, Skyward Sword, Battlefield 3, LIMBO
Forza 4, Rage, God of war 3, Bioshock 2, Donkey Kong Country, Halo 4, Skyrim, Fallout : NV

User Info: SoF-Rambo

4 years ago#19
^the only reason I haven't bought Skyrim for pc. Steam makes me want to kill babies at times.
Gamertag : Z0mb13S0ldier
Current Most Played : Mass Effect 3, Sleeping Dogs, Battlefield 3, and WWE 12.

User Info: Jukain

4 years ago#20
Just one. Deathsmiles IIX because it's not available for NTSC-U/C any other way.
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