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Console gaming is screwed if we have another gen like this one.

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User Info: TheGam3925

5 years ago#1
With mobile gaming gaining popularity each year and console gaming on the decline it's just a matter of time. Especially now that new smart phones and tablets are coming out each and every year with bigger and better hardware I don't think MS and Sony can afford to greedily milk their next gen consoles for 8+ years, they will be left in the dust way before that.
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User Info: kidwgm

5 years ago#2
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User Info: darkhare

5 years ago#3
what a load of crap...
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User Info: DyingPancake

5 years ago#4
This gen has been one of the best ever

I think we'll be fine for the next go round
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User Info: andy113456

5 years ago#5
Sometimes I wonder if half these topics are people being serious.
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User Info: TrickyPony

5 years ago#6
TC's a genius, why he hasn't begun his own company to rival MS and Sony and take gaming to the next level is a total mystery

User Info: TBONE_OG

5 years ago#7
I'm sorry but mobile gaming is for parents who need to distract there kids so they'll shut up for an hour or two.

I'm not knocking the games, but how goofy do you look mashing on that gaming device in public waiting for your food order?

Games on the phone/tablet are one thing, simple and yet combined with your practical device.

When I game, it's on a big ol' screen in my house with my pants off, comfy as all hell. If people come over and want to play something like kinect, I'll probably put pants on.

Consoles will be just fine.
Always O.G.

User Info: TheBlueStig

5 years ago#8
Usually people with 1090 Karma are smarter than this.....usually.

Anybody who thinks 2 minute long cellphone games that cost a $1 to buy can fully replace consoles and dedicated gaming handhelds is too gullible for words.

User Info: Arucard05

5 years ago#9
I don't think mobile gaming is a giant threat to consoles right now, but for sure this long generation has done damage.
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User Info: OrgeLambart

5 years ago#10

oh wait you were being serious....
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  3. Console gaming is screwed if we have another gen like this one.

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