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Games that feel like a chore

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User Info: darealest47

4 years ago#81
Rage that game sucks
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User Info: TheJohnnyFrost

4 years ago#82
Borderlands 2 played it at a friend and then the hype went away when I was at the store. I dont think I could enjoy it solo and I have an interesting work schedule so it is hard to find times that work with others.
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User Info: Alluvion

4 years ago#83
FFXIII. Falling asleep pressing x during fights while the AI does everything for me. Pressing forward through linear maps to reach cutscenes forcing awkward character development in an overly complicated and obscure story

User Info: FlyEaglesFly24

4 years ago#84
Uh Fable 3 is a chore....
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User Info: roadtosalvation

4 years ago#85
Xenosaga Episodes I & II

Xenosaga I:
Monolith spends all that money making all those cut scenes to flesh out the story and they surround it with (what little) gameplay that feels ten years too old. No wonder I bought the Limited Edition Cut Scene Movie DVD. Game makes a better freaking movie than a game.

Xenosaga II:
Everything about Xenosaga II is a chore... but I'd have to go with combat, where you have to spend the first three rounds defending to fuel the damn stock system so you can do any kind of decent damage. Also, have you ever seen a battle load in this thing... they must have had like NO programmers when they coded this thing.

And before you ask, I haven't played Part 3 even though I own it. Everyone tells me it's everything the others aren't.

Also, don't even get me started on how much grinding you have to do in Legend of Legaia for money. Cripes... I love the combat system but the fights are soooo S-L-O-W.

User Info: captpluto99

4 years ago#86
Walkman_005 posted...
Max Payne 3.

Cover based shooting has never been so tedious.

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User Info: Mogga123_5

4 years ago#87
Assassin's Creed 1, it's a massive case of kill me now I'm so bored, thankfully 2 rectified the problems.

SSX 2012, how did they go from the amazing SSX games, to that

Saints Row 3, so sloppy gameplay wise

Dragon Age 2, crap characters compared to the first, constant rehashed areas, eurgh, I can still feel the pain of getting past the Quanari part and just wanting to crawl into a hole and never bother turning it back on, would of been okay if it wasn't associated to the brilliant DA1.

Condemned 1, this one is a tricky one though, while the atmosphre and gameplay was fantastic, there was just something off about it that made it difficult to concentrait on and then I heard what the ending was and well, just lol.
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User Info: Meta Lobster

Meta Lobster
4 years ago#88
KtuluheroII posted...
Any MMORPG ever.

Gonna be the next guy to quote this.

To put it simply, the more a MMO relies on RNG for progression. the more i find it sucks.

Crappy drop rates at difficult time consuming bosses!

Stupidly low enchant rates to add replay value in improving gear as opposed to attaining them through challenging quest chains.

Attempt to craft the same thing 10 times in a row and fail!

Your usefulness being decided by dice rolls! good stuff!

and ugh, if its F2P forget about it. now you're spending money just to not hate a game that's wonderful.
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User Info: Devil_wings00

4 years ago#89
MMO's can be terribly boring if you don't find yourself a decent guild to play with. If you are soloing an MMO it's just a really bad single player RPG GW2 being an exception but even that game blows once you hit level cap and there is jack all to do. Don't give me that crap about not needing end game because it doesn't have a subscription either. The game has in game cash shop and guess what they need a large community so the amount of money coming into the cash shop keeps coming. The initial 60 bucks can only go so far. I liked the game and I WANTED to keep playing but there was just nothing to do that would keep me playing. I got my 60 bucks worth but it's a shame there was nothing to keep me going.
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User Info: raymanfan1

4 years ago#90
i know this is the Xbox board, but Pac-man World 3. That game was utterly impossible to enjoy.
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