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What game did you put the most time into this year. (Any system)

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User Info: SeventhFonist

4 years ago#121

User Info: Overlord9011

4 years ago#122
Minecraft PC.
Final Fantasy I-V were great games (IV being the best), VI was... okay?, VII... Meh. I gave up at VIII.

User Info: GendoKun

4 years ago#123
My answers are always so pedestrian: Skyrim
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User Info: Sand_Coffin

4 years ago#124
Its between ME3 and Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition.

User Info: Jakistan77

4 years ago#125
Skyrim, at 256 hours. Borderlands 2in second with 171 hours. 3rd place is still FE:SS. Plenty hours.

User Info: Motoidar

4 years ago#126
Diablo 3
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User Info: deus_clivio

4 years ago#127
1. League of Legends

I can't even estimate how much time I've put into this one. I play almost every day for at least one hour and up to about 4.

2. Xenoblade Chronicles

Finished the game and did some postgame sidequests, took me about 100 hours. Loved every second of it.

3. Dark Souls PS3

About 70 hours this year, upwards of 120 in total.
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User Info: singhellotaku

4 years ago#128
probably civ 5 or battlefield 3

User Info: Sun Xiao

Sun Xiao
4 years ago#129
Madden 13 CCM Player Steve Young 49ers 3rd year.

Atelier Meruru

Nobunaga's Ambition: Iron Triangle Hashiba Hideyoshi Hard Mode No CC

I also played Dragon Warrior VII and Legend of Mana.

I plan to play Star Ocean 2nd Evolution on TV since I bought PSP convert to TV because my PSP has no sound at all. IIRC, I am at Frontline ,so it won't be far to reach Nede.

I didn't play video games that much this year which is due to lack of quality games.
I, Garyus, will drain your fetid blood, drop by drop ! -Garyus-Dragon Force

User Info: asher1611

4 years ago#130
No joke: it's College Hoops 2k8

Other possibilities include: FTL, WoW, D3, Minecraft, and Xenoblade
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