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What game did you put the most time into this year. (Any system)

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User Info: P00DGE

4 years ago#141
1. League of Legends (probably somewhere around 700-800 hours)
2. Guild Wars 2 (350 hours)
3. Minecraft (Somewhere around 200 hours)
4. Team Fortress 2 (Somewhere around 100 hours, slowed down a bit this year)

User Info: nornefan

4 years ago#142
Dragon's Dogma . 450 and climbing.

I really only played 2 games this year DD and Skyrim. Only 2 game I finished.

User Info: kenobi749

4 years ago#143
Skyrim- 300+ hours
Mass Effect 3- 200 hours (Praying that this wins GOTY which may be hard since so many people hated on the ending)
NBA 2K13 - 50 hours or so. If this game had come out earlier it would probably be my 2nd most played game

User Info: frater_david

4 years ago#144
SoulCalibur V with 1000+ hours.

User Info: Virtue777

4 years ago#145
1) World of Warcraft - Hundreds of hours.
2) League of Legends - Hundreds of hours.
3) Guild Wars 2 - Probably a couple hundred hours.
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User Info: ianthegamer

4 years ago#146
this year was a sulking year for me. I broke up with my gf in march (she broke up with me) so I lost the desire to play any games. Funny how that worked. I always wanted more time to myself to play games and than get all the time to myself and couldnt muster the desire to play.
the only games i played this year:

metal gear solid 4
battelfield 3
fifa 13
metal gear acid
yakuza 3

I would have thought battlefield but after the breakup i didnt touch it. So maybe fifa and metal gear acid (im at 27+ hours on that right now)
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User Info: julbull73

4 years ago#147
I'd have to say Dota 2 and a ton of various PS3 games. I love when sequels comeout you can get the previous ones so cheap.

So Mass Effect 2, Uncharted 1/2, God of War etc.

User Info: ffgameman

4 years ago#148
First 8ish months - Modern Warfare 3.
Last few months - Modern Warfare 2.

Other games I spent a lot of time with were Fallout: New Vegas and Skyrim.
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User Info: KevinCC

4 years ago#149
Minecraft PC, probably followed by Xenoblade Chronicles. opposed to an average game.

User Info: jjars898

4 years ago#150
Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy (140+ hours).
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