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What game did you put the most time into this year. (Any system)

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User Info: redskinStu

4 years ago#151
Front Mission 3

User Info: 123sora_roxas45

4 years ago#152
"I liked the part where Pinkie dual wielded Pinkie Pies and murdered everyone and everything"-Inhuman

User Info: MES_Seele

4 years ago#153
Xenoblade Chronicles, 250+ hours.
Only with strength can one endure suffering and torment.

User Info: Vidius101

4 years ago#154
Dark Souls
Programmed Java, Python, Mat Lab, Project Alice, MS DOS and ADA.

User Info: DarkGam3r

4 years ago#155
Team Fortress 2 and Monster Hunter Tri.

About same amount of hours of each, 200+.

I've never dedicate so much of my time into videogames before.
"I'm no hero."

User Info: DarkGam3r

4 years ago#156
Rocketdot posted...
Diablo 3. For the money. Was like a summer job basically. Equivalent of an assembly line job...doing the same thing over and over again. Just less pay.

But...that's not gaming...
"I'm no hero."

User Info: oxnerd

4 years ago#157
Technically it would be League of Legends, but I don't really count that as a legit game, iunno can't explain it.
But I put in the best 120+ hours of my life into Xenoblade Chronicles. That game is so freaking beautiful.

User Info: PlayerFiftyOne

4 years ago#158
Tribes: Ascend or DayZ

User Info: AkimboP90

4 years ago#159
Couldn't tell you, probably Pokemon White, which I put about 100 hours into, I haven't gamed much at all this year.
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User Info: miniwaldo

4 years ago#160
League of Legends. Soooo much time.
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