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Rate my Arcade collection and recommend me ones I don't have

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User Info: hulkhogan1

4 years ago#1
3D Ultra Minigolf
A Kingdom for Keflings (pretty sure this came on the console when I bought it but never played it or have any idea what it is)
Apples to Apples
Bejeweled 2
Castlevania: SOTN
Cloning Clyde
Dead Rising 2: Case Zero
Earthworm Jim HD
Fire Pro Wrestling
Gotham City Impostors
Hexic HD
Pac-Man CE DX
Pinball FX
Plants vs. Zombies
Portal: Still Alive
Sonic the Hedgehog
Sonic the Hedgehog 2
Sonic the Hedgehog 3
The Simpsons Arcade
The Walking Dead
TMNT 1989 Aracde
Tony Hawk's PS HD
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3

User Info: nothingbeast

4 years ago#2
Dead Rising 2: Case Zero

Need to do Case West.

Yeah, it's not as great as Zero.
Yeah, it really broke from the DR formula.
Yeah, those cheap-ass guards and their cheap-ass guns.

But the ending..... Oh yeah. That's where it's all at.

Now, lets just hope DR3 picks up on what they exposed.
~I was stomping goombas and saving princesses long before most of you were born.

User Info: SunDevil77

4 years ago#3
Dust: AET, Sonic 4 ep. 1 and 2, Geometry Wars 2, Hydro Thunder, Super Meat Boy
Kansas is full of good men, I don't want to be a good man. I want to be a great one.

User Info: The_Dark_Slay3r

4 years ago#4
Spelunky, Shadow Complex, Super Meat Boy, Perfect Dark, Monkey Island & Trials Evolution.

User Info: HeLeeham

4 years ago#5
Streets of Rage collection is a must have.

User Info: Rudiger

4 years ago#6
Solid collection. Here are some suggested additions:
Shadow Complex, Trials HD / Evolution, Magic 2012 / 2013, Dungeon Defenders, Torchlight, Defense Grid, Lara Croft & GoL, and upgrade to Pinball FX2.
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