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I think people are misunderstanding why many are upset about Walking Dead GOTY

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  3. I think people are misunderstanding why many are upset about Walking Dead GOTY

User Info: DarthVashti

4 years ago#51
I have played The Walking Dead and enjoyed it a lot but if it's not okay for Tell Tale to release this in an episode format than why is it okay for Blizzard to release Starcraft 2 not only in an unfinished state but also in at least 3 parts and charge full price for each part?

User Info: Bakuryukun

4 years ago#52
Oh so the problem is that it's a downloadable game with episodes? Oh well that's no problem, it's all coming out on one disc later this month. So yeah there is no problem with it winning.

User Info: gorypaldin2

4 years ago#53
In this topic...

TC = I don't think TWD deserved GOTY

Others = It most certainly did.

Still others = The TC is right.

Every rational individual = GOTY is an opinion. Therefore GOTY could be whatever you want it to be so don't be threatened by it.

the Trolls = I can't read what they wrote because I blocked them long ago.
The mods know where they can go

User Info: darkhare

4 years ago#54
moneyman80 posted...
I find it hilarious that a interactive, no gameplay story won GAME of the year. Honestly though, I couldn't care less about these dumb awards even if my favorite game had won it. I wouldn't take any of the GOTY awards seriously. Just play and enjoy.

the suprising thing about the walking dead game, is the little control you had to interact within the game world was even more involving then the controls you had within any other game.

if you seperate the two parts that make up the walking dead game, which pretty much amounts to qte and story it isnt impressive. but the two together worked incredibly well and proved to many that its a viable genre.
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User Info: frofrodajimyboy

4 years ago#55
DarkSymbiote posted...
Geist posted...
DarkSymbiote posted...
@Geist I wish you had some intelligence.

Says the guy that openly admits he has no clue about what he's talking about.

You're the one who called me a troll because... you have no idea what it means. And of course that means I am the one who has no clue.

Well, you specifically admitted to having no clue. Trolling would be posting with the sole purpose of annoying people, and honestly, what is your purpose? You haven't actually played the games, so intentional or not, what other purpose could your uninformed opinions possibly serve?
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User Info: iAmTheTot

4 years ago#56
This topic is lol.
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User Info: Carpetfluff

4 years ago#57
Walking Dead isn't really DLC in the same way as most is; Its episodes that were always meant to be that way, not a main game and then nickel and diming to add more content. It's being released as a whole on a disc shortly so then you can rest easy about it?

User Info: SSJ4CHRIS

4 years ago#58
The game only cost $20 with the season pass, $25 without it, or $30 for the disc. It is also better than a lot of the $60 retail games that came out in 2012, so it winning GOTY is fine with me.
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User Info: redskinStu

4 years ago#59
I think episodes released sequentially is cool. What I'm more concerned about is price. Virtually everything I've bought DLC was over-priced, with the exception of General Knoxx (Borderlands) and the Fallout 3 content (Broken Steel etc.).

User Info: Payne318

4 years ago#60
First off, no offense juice but you didn't even seem to research the topic you are complaining about. As many have said this will be released on disc soon (which btw will cost you $5 more dollars then if you just downloaded it, it does come with a vol. 1 collection of the graphic novel though). Not only that but as a person who grew up on adventure games, its an amazing sight to see that one in the genre gets the attention it fully deserves. Also, as many have also noted Telltale is not a major studio, you should be celebrating the fact that not only did they make a great game but it was successful, this in turn encourages more independent studios to release more games (along with journey btw). Also juice you have not played the game but are arguing a principle, which again is not founded on anything but a fear that the "major studios " will adopt. You also seem to think that downloadable games are not worthy of such a title, that's ridiculous, would you rather the halo's,COD's and major titles kept winning all the time and therefore only those such titles are made? I dont think so, no offense buddy until you play the game you dont have a leg to stand on in this argument. Good Day to you sir!
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  3. I think people are misunderstanding why many are upset about Walking Dead GOTY

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