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If You Could Change Achievements

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User Info: lengthycobra69

4 years ago#1
Hello. I wanted to ask fellow 360 users this because this has been on my mind recently. I took some time away from the gaming world for about 2.5 years. Long story, don't want to get into it. Now I have been playing massive catch up the past 5 months to say the least.

Currently I am back into Assassins Creed. I bought 2 for 10 bucks and will buy the other 2 before i buy 3. About to beat 1 and just i was going through the Achievements last night and it hit me that many of them I feel take really no skill at all, just more of a time sink. JUst one example is stay in combat for 10 minutes. I read a few up online and you literally can just hold the block button for 10 minutes, easy Achievement.

Watched an episode of fringe while doing this lol. But my point is:

1. Achievements overall what is the real point of them?

2. And what would you change as a gamer?

I thought of back in the day of Super Nintendo games, Playstation 1, hell Xbox 1. Just one example out of a million is say Final Fantasy 7. Right now I could see getting all the materia being an Achievement. But back then you would say race a golden Chocobo to unlock the best moves in the game, to unlock the best magic in the game. You felt like you were doing this for a reason.

Games like Chrono Trigger had no Achievements, but we as fans were rewarded with multiple endings. I didn't do them to gain anything, I was interested in the story. My point is Achievements feel like to me as a gamer that I have no real motivation to well Achieve.

Now if say you were given a special avatar helmet for unlocking every Achievement for said game great. I would have a reason to unlock every one in Assassins Creed. Why not a new character? If my points on my Xbox live account meant i could get 5% off on a Dlc or an extra gun in halo 4. I would have a reason to up my points.

As it is now I feel like because I am playing catch up, instead of spending another 5-6 hours unlocking Achievements in Assassin's Creed, that time I could be enjoying the story of 2. Mass Effect is another trilogy that I am going to be finish after AC. I beat ME 1 and unlocked every achievement a few months ago before I felt this way. But I left out one because i got the game of the year edition with the dlc but one dlc you still need to download and comes with another Achievement.

From my view I didn't want to spend another 400 points for one Achievement. And it's not just ME but many other games I am noticing. But as I mentioned before, some games like say Halo 4, beating levels on legendary I admit requires some skill. In games like Skyrim, it's more of a pure time sink. Or as in AC, collecting flags I can google and it's just a pure time sink.

So just wanted to ask overall how you view these and if I am not alone as a 360 owner, hell as a gamer. I know Ps3 has trophies and not sure what Wii and Wii u are doing now. My friend is playing Uncharted 2 and just beat one. He feels similar that between his job and the gym he just moved onto 2 because the trophies he could care less about.

Thanks ahead of time for reading this

User Info: cutegamebabe

4 years ago#2
I think the point of them is mainly marketing. Microsoft wants you to buy their games so you can add onto your gamerscore as much as possible. Maybe you'll buy the 360 version of the game instead of buying the PS3 game so you can add onto your gamerscore.

I'm fine with the way they are now. I wasn't big into them when they started; I'm still not. - Best video game podcast & blog!

User Info: glassghost0

4 years ago#3
I'm an achievement whore, the score doesn't matter, to me it's the ability to look back at every 360 game I've played and recall that memory.

Think of them as a game journal/diary. That's why I love them. Plus they add way more gameplay time to some games.

That doesn't mean some of them are stupid and completely ridiculous, but overall they are a nice edition.
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User Info: devlkore

4 years ago#4
I think the achievements system is busted and the idea of "gamerscore" is stupid. Anyone can have a high gamerscore just from playing loads of games, it doesn't mean anything about your skill level.

I think achievements CAN be fun, some of them encourage you to do things that you may not think of and are actually fun. SF4 had an achievement for ranking up every character which encouraged people to try characters they otherwise wouldn't, this meant more variety online which is good for everyone, but then you get achievements in multiplayer games that actively encourage people to NOT play the game properly and can be really annoying.

People have forgotten how to have fun in some ways and I think it's sad that achievements have become such a success, we used to do this *** ourselves; speed runs, no upgrade runs, playing with one weapon only, collecting EVERYTHING just for the hell of it, doing stunts, etc. were all things gamers did of their own free will for a challenge or to have more fun and add replay value, we didn't need to be told how to.

I got over 950 gs from playing Bayonetta without even looking at the achievements because I had so much fun with the game I just carried on playing and trying new things. Play games you like, don't strive for achievements in games you don't, 1000/1000 doesn't mean ANYTHING, life is short, have fun.
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User Info: lengthycobra69

4 years ago#5
ya cutegame it probably is marketing. some people probably want to grab them all, just not for me at this point lol

devkore: i agree 100%. But like say in Street Fighter instead of a point system, why not add a new playable character? That to me would give me more motivation to level each character versus some points.

And yeah back in the day i would do all these things out of pure fun. Not as on obligation. And also yes the points don't mean you are a good player, most times it's just you play more. You could play 10 games to my one and get more points just by beating the default campaign modes.

yeah glass i do understand about wanting to have memories and get them all, I guess for me it really would depend on the game. As i mentioned in my initial post, a lot of game aren't about being good it's just in many ways boredom for me. I love Assassin's Creed but the one acvh is literally holding R for 10 mins lol. Not exactly hard.

User Info: NightRain

4 years ago#6
I also didn't get the point of achievements at first... but it grew on me... and now i'm kinda addicted. It's just a cool reward of doing something that normally you would probably have never done.
It also gives some nice replay value.
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User Info: nothingbeast

4 years ago#7
It just means replay value to me.

Even if I don't get to it right away, I tend to always go back through my Achievement list and find some to do. Sometimes it's months after burning out on a game, and I remember how fun it was.

This is most helpful when money is tight and I don't wanna buy a new game.

I used to be real OCD about finishing all the achievements, but somewhere around 30,000 that died off. I don't HAVE to finish the games 100%, but I still like to try.

That being said, if I could change them, i'd make them more interesting. I hate "Finish Chapter x" or any other achievement you can't miss just by playing. I prefer things that you don't have to do to complete the game.
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User Info: randomweirdo

4 years ago#8
I see achievements as being an easy way to compare with your friends stuff you've done in games. As much as people gripe about the ones you get from normal play, even those have value since you can actually see if your friends bothered playing much of the game or not and also via sites like you can also compare your achievements to other members on the site. For example for one finish part of the game achievement, I can see that 33% of players registered with trueachievements haven't even gotten that far in the game yet, and this is maybe 10 hours into the game. Or I went and compared with a friend who played Lost Odyssey to see how far she'd gotten in the game which actually told me how far into the plot I could talk about without having to worry about spoilers. So I don't mind those ones, I just mind that in most games they are the majority of the gamerscore and then achievements that take a long time to earn end up being 10 points or so because of it.

I also see them a bit like an online journal of what I've experienced in games. When I was a kid I had a notebook where I'd written the names of the games I beat on the back cover. I was writing them in two columns and actually filled it up on both sides, though I sadly lost it when moving. For me, achievements are like my notebook, but I can't lose it so easily.

User Info: Bent 00

Bent 00
4 years ago#9
"If You Could Change Achievements"

I would add the options to hide, delete, and / or completely disable them.

Achievements are annoying and distracting to me. Especially online-only ones.

User Info: ZosKiaCultus

4 years ago#10
They're fine. I don't play for them and I don't expect things for them, that'd make it feel like I'm playing for more than just the game. I wouldn't complain if they added bonuses, but I don't need it or even really want it. Marn liiiiike Gamertag: aGeorgeDivided
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