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Microsoft should be sweating bullets...

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User Info: Silent Sniper IV

Silent Sniper IV
4 years ago#71
I wonder if gabe could push this REALLY hard by having a launch that came with some combination of playable HL3, L4D3, TF3, and new counterstrike all in a new source engine and making them pc/steambox exclusive. That won't happen because of valve time, but it would be an interesting as hell launch. It seems like once people are forced to play a game or two on steam they're hooked by the sales and it's all downhill after that.
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User Info: tonysparks

4 years ago#72
Just don't see the need for this. Why would anyone pay for something they can do right now?

Hdmi port
Xbox 360 wireless controller

= playing pc games on my TV from the couch

meh I guess they are not aiming this thing at me
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