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Your top 10 games of the generation. All consoles.

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User Info: glyde69

4 years ago#31
Mario Galaxy 2
Dark Souls
Demons Souls
Little Kings Story
Shadows of the Damned
Rayman Origins
Mass Effect 2
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User Info: Hawker44

4 years ago#32
No order

Fallout 3
Assassin's Creed 2
Batman Arkham City
Xenoblade Chronicles
Last Story
Tales of Graces f
Portal 2
Metal Gear Solid 4

User Info: Perfect Light

Perfect Light
4 years ago#33
10. inFamous
9. Ratchet and Clank Future A Crack in Time
8. Splinter Cell Conviction
7. The Walking Dead
6. Far Cry 3
5. The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim
4. Mass Effect 2
3. Deus Ex Human Revolution
2. Red Dead Redemption
1. Grand Theft Auto IV, learn something new

User Info: The_Despair

4 years ago#34
No order

1-Metal Gear Solid 4
2-Uncharted 2
3-Mass Effect 2
4-Red Dead Redemption
5-Rayman Origins
6-Dragon Age: Origins
7-Deus Ex Human Revolution
8-Devil May Cry 4
9-Pokemon Black 2
10-Heavy Rain

User Info: Geist

4 years ago#35
1. Fallout 3
2. Dead Rising
3. Mass Effect
4. Red Dead Redemption
5. Skyrim
6. COD Black Ops
7. Uncharted
8. Minecraft
9. Halo ODST
10. Super Mario 3DS
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User Info: no1oblivionfan

4 years ago#36
1. Oblivion
2. Dragon Age Origins (PC, can't stand the console version)
3. Mass Effect 2
4. Bioshock
5. Halo 3
6. Fallout New Vegas
7. Call of Duty: WaW (It's pure nostalgia, otherwise I'm sure it would be MW1)
8. Rayman Origins (A welcomed sequel to one of my all time favourite games.)
9. God of War 3
10. Gears of War (1-3)
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User Info: RedWaggon

4 years ago#37
10.Xenoblade Chronicles
9.Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow
8.Super Smash Bros. Brawl
7.Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
6.Halo Reach
5.Halo 3
2.Mother 3 (might not count b/c it was released for gba, but in 2006)

User Info: xxHerchxx

4 years ago#38
1. Virtue's Last Reward (3DS/Vita)
2. Tales of Vesperia (360/PS3)
3. Metal Gear Solid 4 (PS3)
4. Catherine (PS3/360)
5. Persona 4 Golden (Vita)
6. Uncharted 2 (PS3)
7. Heavy Rain (PS3)
8. Resonance of Fate (PS3/360)
9. Shadows of the Damned (PS3/360)
10. Alan Wake (360/PC)

These are in to certain order.....except #1.

User Info: PHEEliNUX

4 years ago#39
10-Hyperdimension Neptunia
9-Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World
7-Super Mario Galaxy
6-Record of Agarest War 2
5-Bit.trip Complete
4-Tales of Graces(Don't have that either)
3-Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2
2-Sin and Punishment: Star Sucessors(Don't have it though)
1-Xenoblade Chronicles

But again i only have a Wii and PS3 without many games

User Info: Zephyriuum

4 years ago#40
1:Elder Scrolls V:Skyrim(Xbox 360)
2:Assassin's Creed III(Xbox 360)
3:Assassin's Creed II(Xbox 360)
4:Saints Row: The Third(Xbox 360)
5:Dynasty Warriors 7(Xbox 360)
6:Sleeping Dogs(Xbox 360)
7:Bayonetta(Xbox 360)
8:Warriors Orochi 3(Xbox 360)
9:Tales of Vesperia(Xbox 360)
10:Final Fantasy XIII-2(Xbox 360)
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