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Dragon Age 3 is still on Track for Current Gen

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User Info: RKOMe2011

4 years ago#1
People seem to be taking that article seriously & thinking that DA 3 will be skipping out Current-Gen altogether.

Nope not going to happen 1 that Person wasnt associated with Bioware also that wasnt an official statement from Bioware.

I have seen the game listed on several sites where I buy my games they have the game listed at Q4th 2013 which is still the TBD date of the game.

FrostBite 2 is Dice's Current Gen not a Next Gen Engine. Also they told us fans to keep our saves from the Previous 2 games & this could not work on a next gen game only.

Same deal with Mass Effect 4 which will also use Frost Bite 2 & what is Frost Bite 2 - CURRENT GEN ENGINE. Also just like with Dragon Age 3, ME 4 is also asking us to keep the saves from the Shepard Trilogy also This couldnt be done on a Next-Gen only Game.

Current Gen still has a life-line up to the year 2015 according to my research. It is going to be slow with Current-Gen but it isnt going to be Dead like people think it will be.

We have learned this with the PS2 now we are seeing it with the PSP which is getting God Eater 2 which is going to be a Dual Generation Released game meaning on both the PSP & The Vita.

Just like with God 2 they told us to keep our saves from God 1 more than likely we will still be the same MC from God 1. That is if you have a completed saved game from God 1.

But on the Vita you can Digitally DLC God 1 which is why God 2 is also going to Vita also. I assume they could pull a similar move & make the DA games Digital Titles released through Next-Gen deals same with The Shepard Trilogy also.

Unknown but my place I get my games & others also still have DA 3 listed for 2013 so dont fret or worry DA 3 will be a Current-Gen it isnt skipping or ignoring us until 2014.

I dont think Bioware would piss off fans with a move such as that no DA until 2014 that was just rumors and should be treated as such.

Cant wait for DA 3 it should push current-gen to the max with FrostBite 2 based on the Screenshots I have seen it dosent look like it will dissapoint us either.

Flemeth returns, larger Word to explore, Customization, New MC, it is going to be an awesome game.

User Info: Banana_Mana

4 years ago#2
Fair enough.
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User Info: RKOMe2011

4 years ago#3
I am just saying DA 3 will be on Current-Gen you can preorder the game from several places with some of these places even having a description of the game.

Some say TBD then some say Q4th 2013 which means this time next year which is its on track original release of the game.

As for now nothing is known on Morrigan rather or not she is returning or not remains a mystery it is heavily hinted at she will be in 3 but however isnt confirmed.

What I want for the new 10 Man Squad is Old Characters mixed in with new ones like brand new people made specifically for DA 3 with old character coming back maybe such as Varric, Isabella, Aveline, maybe Talis and Cassandra I would love to see her in action not just talking as a Seeker.

Varric I hope will return and be the Narrator for the game I thought he done an excellent job on DA 2 as the Narrator so I hope he is back for that.

See in DA O we have Hero of Feredelen, DA 2 we have the Champion, my guess on DA 3 they will be called the Destroyer of Thedas.

So Hero, Champion, Destroyer. wonder if Flemeth will get another upgraded look hopefully they will leave Flemeth as is she looked awesome in DA 2.

So many questions such as the Portals, the Civil War, The Inquistion, The Backgrounds for the new Human MC, Castle Customization and lastly who will be in and who is new in DA 3.

Hopefully next year or at E3 we will see some big time trailers that reveal some such as DA 2s Champions Trailer I see a similar deal for DA 3 with Flemeth or Morrigan narrating the trailer.

User Info: MRL3G3ND

4 years ago#4
you can have it...I'm tired of this gens limitations

Thats like saying the new VW bug is coming really...I'm supposed to get excited over something that looks the same...practically does the same thing
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User Info: RKOMe2011

4 years ago#5
Have you seen the screenshots of DA 3 it isnt anything like Origins or DA 2 also DA 3 uses FrostBite 2 it features huge battlefields with Catapults and beautiful Mountinous Areas.

We no little to nothing on DA3 just the vagest of details I have been able to uncover such as Portals, Civil War, and The Inquistion.

How does Flemeth fit in, why is Orlais in or fixing to go into Civil War, who is pulling the strings & causing the Chaos.

How will our Hawke & Warden be used & how will they look considering the time gap of DA 3.

You have no clue as to what this game will be like, about, or the characters that will be in this game so you have no right to bash something that isnt completed or finished.

I think Bioware has learned from DA O & 2 so they are fusing these games and make the best DA game yet hopefully will be longer and have a better ending.

I see the Disappearing Act once again this seems to be the trademark of Dragon Age lets hope it happens in a cool way.

Cant wait to learn more on the new MC such as there name will it be like a Hawke kinda of name also what is it.

But the 3 classes are WARRIOR, ROGUE & MAGE the only new diffrence is now we can be diffrent Backgrounds via Origins style my guess Slave, Inquistion, Nobility and others maybe a Bandit also.

If Morrigan is in 3 I expect her to be changed big time been years since we last saw her,
Also if you beat O you would know she was headed to Orlais with Child assuming you done the Ritual.

User Info: RPG_Apostle

4 years ago#6
So.... you have nothing official to back up your claim?

You have some valid, well-thought out arguments. I agree with most of it.

But has anything official been said?
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User Info: RKOMe2011

4 years ago#7
Some of what I have found has been confirmed some are based on my own research and through reading all of the Codex in Origins & in DA 2 which codexs will reveal alot of info and potiental inside info on the coming games.

Sandal & Bohdan basically confirms they will be in 3 when Bohdan told Hawke that the Empress is interested in Sandals Enhancements abilites.

Morrigan is somewhat confirmed to be headed to Orlais if people would remember the ending of Origins & read the deals she was seen there with Child. Only if we done the Ritual with her.

This is where most of out save files will impact the game mainly key choices such as The Ritual, other deals and big key stuff in 2 will also factor & effect DA 3.

The same could be said for ME 4 The Shepard Trilogy will effect ME 4 in someway the key choices of the Shepard Trilogy could have a drastic cause n effect ripple deal into 4 some will change some will be premade.

God 1 onto God 2 more than likely will just be our original MC from God 1 that is only if your MC has completed God 1 then imported into God 2.

I know my games & I have been playing games for 20+ years so trust me some of this info I have found is indeed true.

Although not officially confirmed By the source but what I find usually turns out to be true & shortly there after it is confirmed then it is just a matter of when will it be confirmed.

Nothing is known on what characters will be in DA 3 just Sandal, Bohdan, and lastly Flemeth have been the only confirmed characters though Sandal & Bohdan was confirmed by Dragon Age 2 not by Bioware.

Morrigan is heavily Hinted at by Origins Ending so if she is in expect her to be upgraded & changed hopefully Claudia Black will reprise her role.

Kate Mulgrew nails Flemeth Captain Janeway still has it. Hopefully more will be revealed in the coming months or at E3.

I see this big time at E3 mostly in Trailer form not a GamePlay just a cool kick-ass trailer done Champion Style.

I will research the heck out of big games from Dragon Age, Persona 5, or anything Mass Effect related. I am on several sites from HoldTheLine to the BSN. I know my stuff.
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