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Dark But it DEF needs an easy mode.

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User Info: pacpuf7249

4 years ago#91
This is a horrible topic
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User Info: blakenick

4 years ago#92
Guys, this is a troll topic. It's basically emulating a topic on the PS3 board that got to 500 yesterday, probably hoping to emulate the task. TC is just ignoring valid points and choosing to blow up any arguments he can.

So I'm posting once then stopping unless I see the TC make some good arguments, and I'd encourage you all to do the same.

-120 hours in not a lot in terms of a game. Nobody said you needed to do it all at once, frankly that seems like value for money in terms of game time.

-Creating an easy mode will create the need for the storyline to evolve and more character development to compensate and that is how the Dark Souls series will suffer, it's not about storyline, it's about gameplay and atmosphere, if you lose that you have nothing and the mystery surrounding the storyline was beneficial to the atmosphere.

-It isn't unforgivingly hard. For people that do fail a lot, they end up collecting way more souls and becoming way more overpowered than people who would otherwise speed run. It is a perfect system, good players are able to run ahead while bad players are stuck behind but become more powerful to compensate.

-Trust me I suck, I'm the worst gamer I know. I regularly die in Minecraft. But playing Dark Souls at the set difficulty allowed me to improve my reactions and strategies. That is the whole point of the game. At first I repeated undead burg about 20-30 times, I was so bad, at that point I'd swear it was impossible, but after getting through that wall I better understood how to play and died less and less throughout the game. Sure there were a few more walls, but they weren't impossible and in the end I felt proud myself for sticking with it and that is what makes the game work.

-This may be repeating a point, but it's a gameplay driven game, not a storyline driven game. One of the examples in the last post was that it would be like saying could I please get given Persona 4 but with a simplified story and less characters or could I have an easy mode LoZ game. There is a lot to think about in terms of how the gameplay works and turning down the parameters is only a small part, easy mode would require heavy balancing otherwise it is pretty much just you walking from one area to another with little to no reason. It basically becomes Lord of the Rings, and if you want that... watch the movie.

-Easy mode will create more problems than solutions in terms of long term survival of the series.
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User Info: Duwstai

4 years ago#93
I dont really care if they put in an easy mode as long as the normal mode is still there.

Its not like the game is that hard anyway. It just takes a certain style of play (cautious), and it takes a few hours of dying to get down.

Im not sure the game would be as good if it was really easy though. Part of the great thing about the game is the difficulty tying in with the rest of the game. Especially the atmosphere. When you go into a dark dungeon, youre not llke "oh wow pretty graphics", youre scared s***less and like "omg Im gonna die I dont want to be here! Where is the light! I wanna go back outside!"

Its a feeling like no other game has given me.

User Info: Pwnostar

4 years ago#94 could just get better at the game like everyone else had to do.
Why should FromSoft be obligated to hold your hand through their game just because you're bad at it and won't make an effort to get better?

The problem here doesn't lie with the game..
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User Info: NeoGeoXSega

4 years ago#95
Game is NOT hard. It has pattern based enemies that you can NOT button mash against.
You have to manage a stamina bar, block & use the right equipment in the right situations.
The game has multiple routes to take that have harder areas for later play that you can explore early.

There are certain traps/situations/bosses/areas that are hard, BUT the core game & progression is not hard. Anyone with any semblance of skill can easily get through most of the game with no problem.
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User Info: Pinoy441

4 years ago#96
ntsouls posted...
Pinoy441 posted...
Its funny that people consider DkS the "HARDCORE ZOMG CASUALS STAY AWAY" game when in really it's still pretty casual itself....

Considering all you have to do is just parry and strike every regular enemy and every boss has a specific strategy that if you get down (which doesn't take very long) can let you breeze through the game even on NG+ like no problem

But how many hours did you pour into this game?
So I bet any of you who say it's easy poured a good hundred hours. And for what?

I wasn't even trying to imply that the game does not need an easy mode or vice versa, just stating how most people consider themselves so hardcore on a game thats not even that difficult or "hardcore." There is no such thing as Hardcore really unless you make your own game that really is that hard (exception: Battletoads)
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User Info: Jukain

4 years ago#97
The game does have an easy mode. It's that way when you've mastered the mechanics and know all the secrets. The game is super easy mode then.
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