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The last couple years for video games has been absolutely atrocious

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  3. The last couple years for video games has been absolutely atrocious

User Info: bluehat94

4 years ago#41
DXiRoNMaN posted...
I paid 20 bucks for Portal 2. It has a co-op campaign too...

It also isn't 3-5 hours, but it's bronze, so he obviously understands that, he just enjoys trolling.
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User Info: zender1999

4 years ago#42
agree, the last few years i have really enjoy dark souls, skyword and the fifa games, finally nintendo released the wiiu so now at least there will be a lot of nintendo exclusives to play and enjoy
the wiuu gamepad is amazing and it gives devs a lot of options to be creative with their games

User Info: Nintendological

4 years ago#43
bluehat94 posted...
all_that_juice posted...
Your uncle was so dumb he paid the full price of a new PS2 to rent it for a week? Your family tree must be a straight line" - Finlandia

User Info: ianthegamer

4 years ago#44
personally gaming has become to generic. There isn much variety. Its a ton of FPS clones mixed in with hit or miss sequels and sandbox games.

Not saying gaming is horrible because there are gems here and there and many of the sandbox/fps games are good. But you will never see oddball titles once scattered such as parappa or katamari anymore
"Nobody cares about SKN or King of Fighters anymore. Go play Art of Fighting or SvC Chaos 29.99 ONLI and get lose."-GWEndlessDuel

User Info: Just_The_Tip

4 years ago#45
I hate everything!
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User Info: SilentS89

4 years ago#46
bronze4v4pro posted...
The last couple years for video games has been absolutely atrocious

That is a bit extreme of a statement.

bronze4v4pro posted...
Portal 2- I've said this before and I'll say it again- no 3-5 hour game is worth 60 bucks. This game should have went the Torchlight 2 route and been 20 bucks from the get-go. But no, people think this Valve company is just so great. They bought out the rights to the person who made Portal and just copied it for this game. It wasn't their original idea. I played the first 5 minutes and could tell what they did- they tried to be cute with that robot's witty remarks. That doesn't make a 3-5 hour game worth 60 bucks.
Quality over quantity? Eh? Well, I can't really talk because I bought the game on sale for $20.

bronze4v4pro posted...
The Fall of Blizzard- I don't want to say much about this, but Diablo 3 and Starcraft 2 have been the biggest disappointments by far this gen. It isn't even close. Sure, the games are going to be designed and have polish because of the hundreds of millions Blizzard could afford to take their time with them, but they just lack what made Blizzard games special. The games weren't even complete. They just get patches like world of clowncraft does to fill in the missing features.
Agreed, Activision sucked the soul out of Blizzard. I have only pity for those who haven't realized it yet.

bronze4v4pro posted...
Video games need to have a ton of content, like Skyrim

6. Overrated Games-

mass effect 2

bronze4v4pro posted...
6. Overrated Games-

mass effect 2
diablo 3
The same halo game released every year
starcraft 2
dragon's dogma
bioshock, even infinite
the witcher 2
portal 2
all racing games

Mass Effect 2:I never got into the Mass Effect Series

Skyrim:As above, Lol

Diablo 3: This game is an insult to Diablo's legacy.

The same halo game released every year: Agreed.

starcraft 2: Big dissapointment, I grew up with the original Starcraft, Starcraft 2 was a crushing letdown. The new Blizzard is a horrifying mockery of the old Blizzard.

dragon's dogma: No comment

bioshock, even infinite:Eh, I liked the first one.

the witcher 2: No comment

portal 2: As above

all racing games:Agreed, well mostly agreed. I like the zany ones like Snowboarding Kids or Mario Kart. The realistic ones I don't really enjoy.

User Info: Bob_Esrock

4 years ago#47
bronze4v4pro posted...
Borderlands 2 has a season pass and people get entire classes and dlc for "free" if they pay 60 bucks for the pass. People are so smart. They get a "free" class in the game just days after the game was released because "it wasn't ready for release." I cannot believe you guys believe these lies.

Um, the DLC character was released in October. A month after release.
Lurking since 1999
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User Info: Prealienking

4 years ago#48
The last couple years for trolls have been pretty bad too.

I mean, look at you. Disgraceful.

User Info: Dragon Nexus

Dragon Nexus
4 years ago#49
"The problem with quotes on the internet is that you can never be sure if they're true" - Abraham Lincoln

User Info: YAYSAY

4 years ago#50
You said the same Halo game every year but not CoD? Halo at least has a good story and tries to innovate, and there's not a new Halo game every year.
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