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The last couple years for video games has been absolutely atrocious

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User Info: darklinkfan55

5 years ago#91
shinobisBACK posted...
the industry has gone to **** thats for sure. there are still good games being put out eveyr now and again, but the industry itself it garbage. i remember back in the day you would see certain companies name on a game and knew it was going to be good (ie capcom). nowadays pretty much the only company i still have a great deal of respect for is Treasure, they have always just done their own thing.

pretty much says it all
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User Info: EM_Mega

5 years ago#92
Starcraft II? Bad?

Move on now people, nothing to see here.

User Info: EatYourViber

5 years ago#93
EM_Mega posted...
Starcraft II? Bad?

Move on now people, nothing to see here.

compared to the first?... yes
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User Info: BlackFeathers

5 years ago#94
bronze4v4pro posted...

1. Unless I'm mistaken, the absolute first game/company to come up with the "season pass" was Battlefield 3/EA at e3 of last year. The quote was something like this, "if you subscribe to this plan, you get X & Y free." Its such a slap in the face, but guess what, it worked. Borderlands 2 has a season pass and people get entire classes and dlc for "free" if they pay 60 bucks for the pass. People are so smart. They get a "free" class in the game just days after the game was released because "it wasn't ready for release." I cannot believe you guys believe these lies.

2. Portal 2- I've said this before and I'll say it again- no 3-5 hour game is worth 60 bucks. This game should have went the Torchlight 2 route and been 20 bucks from the get-go. But no, people think this Valve company is just so great. They bought out the rights to the person who made Portal and just copied it for this game. It wasn't their original idea. I played the first 5 minutes and could tell what they did- they tried to be cute with that robot's witty remarks. That doesn't make a 3-5 hour game worth 60 bucks.

3. The Fall of Blizzard- I don't want to say much about this, but Diablo 3 and Starcraft 2 have been the biggest disappointments by far this gen. It isn't even close. Sure, the games are going to be designed and have polish because of the hundreds of millions Blizzard could afford to take their time with them, but they just lack what made Blizzard games special. The games weren't even complete. They just get patches like world of clowncraft does to fill in the missing features.

4. Ea destroying Bioware- The doctors left for a reason and its not the reason they are saying officially. Mass Effect 2 was the absolute beginning of Bioware going down hill. It is irrelevant if mass effect 2 is in fact, better than the first game. Its not the point. The issue is that it was clear Bioware games would be 100% streamlined and dumbed down. Dragon Age 2 and Mass Effect 3 were such utter failures and the doctors knew it. Sales don't matter. Its about integrity, and Bioware games lost ALL integrity when ea took over. I cannot believe you guys are actually thinking Dragon Age 3 is going to be something worth while. Its not. And everybody knows it.

5. Dlc and downloadable arcade games- Its like this, it is NOT a good idea to support Indie game companies. Look, deep down inside, yeah I root for the underdog, but lets be real here, no matter what, Indie game companies are going to release games with small content that is short. This cannot happen. Video games need to have a ton of content, like Skyrim, and players need to get lost in these huge games. If people keep supporting smaller Indie companies, then eventually, the AAA companies and publishers will make their juggernaut games of the industry, even smaller, in the form of downloadable arcades. It won't happen overnight, but it eventually will happen when we see the majority of games being downloadable arcadish ones. This is bad. Real bad. I'm not going into detail for dlc. Its a scam and they release unfinished games. Nothing needs to be said.

6. Overrated Games-

mass effect 2
diablo 3
The same halo game released every year
starcraft 2
dragon's dogma
bioshock, even infinite
the witcher 2
portal 2
all racing games

All of this is my opinion obviously. I love the xbox 360 and Microsoft, and I respect everybody's opinion. Please be respectful and have a nice December.

I was agreeing with you 100% until I got to #5. Now it seems like a joke topic. but 1-4 are 100% correct to me...
This is a Message Board. If you can't handle people criticizing a game that they've ALSO paid money for, then your parent's should have raised you better. :/

User Info: TheAnalogKid06

5 years ago#95
Can I have your copy of BioShock Infinite TC since you have already finished playing it and can obviously make a sound judgement on it being overrated?
GT: TheAnalogKid06

User Info: TheGam3925

5 years ago#96
I don't know what is dumber. This boards opinion of trolling, or the people who continually post in topics that they perceive as trolling.
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User Info: axelfooley2k5

5 years ago#97
you know what is atrocious?

people who use the word atrocious
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User Info: BlueJester007

5 years ago#98
*fart noise*

Yup. This topic does smell like puke from a mule that has been ruminating on asparagus for two weeks.
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