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Why does everyone think Resident Evil 6 is so bad?

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User Info: Sniper_Brosef

4 years ago#61
DRzCalderon posted...
Sniper_Brosef posted...
DRzCalderon posted...
I don't understand why many think that those who DESPISE this game just can't stand evolution in gaming.

What the hell are you guys thinking RE6 is evolving into optimistically?

Into another bland TPS? You mean, to try and adapt to a genre that we have over a THOUSAND of on the market?

And there is also a difference of a franchise evolving correctly like RE4 and evolving back into a Magikarp from pokemon like RE6

every genre is saturated with games! Just because youre more bored of TPS than I am doesnt mean the game is bad

Also what about 4 was "correct" and what about 6 was "incorrect" They took the established gameplay from four and expanded on it further making, IMO, the best gameplay in any RE game...aside from the cover system that is, which i never even used

RE4 had simplicity. When they decided to make that jump into the TPS genre they understood that it was moving on from some of it's old mechanics while still having the RE formula.

Point is, they did something that aspired other game's such as GearsOfWar and Dead Space with the over the shoulder camera. Even at it's time it was something not many TPS did effectively. And it STILL felt like Resident Evil. Not to mention the subjectivity in my part in regards to it's memorable level design and good pacing compared to RE6's mediocre pace and exaggerated use of long QTEs.

It's all a matter of opinion of course but to any core gamer that can easily identify the poor execution compared to other TPS out there can understand this.

they aspired to be like gears of war? and dead space? four and five both had over the shoulder camera views so not sure how that is relevant... Also Kill.switch had cover before Gears of War was a twinkle in Cliffy B's eye, not to mention it and shadow ops are two VERY underrated shooters of last gen, but i digress

From how your talking it seems like you either dont want to like the game or focus on its "flaws" unfairly...There are really no more QTE's than there were in 4 and they arent that bad
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User Info: The_Djoker

4 years ago#62
Because it is.

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