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Games that made you cry

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User Info: CoolFangs

5 years ago#21
The ending of Red Dead Redemption had me tearing up a bit.
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User Info: CyricsServant

5 years ago#22
Closest for me would be Silent Hill 2's ending and the events in the final dungeon of Planescape: Torment.

User Info: TreGooda

5 years ago#23
Renamon posted...
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User Info: Gwildor123

5 years ago#24
Last week a lot of people (70% of them on this board) said it was SPEC OPS. It wasa very emotional game for them.
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User Info: Drophyd167b

5 years ago#25
I've never cried at a game, but when I shot Mordin in Mass Effect 3, I felt like ****. I regretted it pretty much instantly, and I think I came close to tears.

Also, although I can't quite remember, I have a feeling the ending to Red Dead: Redemption almost made me cry.
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User Info: Rpgsrock213

5 years ago#26
MHGALE posted...
Lost Odyssey, oh god near the end of disc 1.

I generally don't cry at pretty much anything, but a majority of this game made me sad, especially the dream sequences...
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User Info: DarthVashti

5 years ago#27
Mass Effect 3.

I teared up when Legion sacrificed himself. A character that I had no real connection to in Mass Effect 2 and a machine at that and I start tearing up.

User Info: darkhare

5 years ago#28
Spelunky: i got to the very end, then i fell in the lava....
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User Info: TheFeshPince

5 years ago#29
Mass Effect 3 would be the closest I came to actual tears... but still not really... just felt sad.
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User Info: HeLeeham

5 years ago#30
FFX and Walking Dead Episode 3.
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