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Games that made you cry

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User Info: Zanaki

4 years ago#221
ArthasReborn posted...
From: Godly_Goof | #212
camixlo posted...
True tears? 999

Some that almost had me, MGS3, P3, To The Moon.

Oh god that game could be bad at times >.< Virtue's Last Reward was really bad for that too....

I loved 999. I just ordered Zero Escape the other day and I'm eagerly awaiting its arrival :<

I really need a Vita... ;___;

Is the sequel as good as 999??
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User Info: ktownslayer16

4 years ago#222
TWD< because my save file keeps corrupting. Literally cant finish the game
lol Bryzgalov

User Info: ArthasReborn

4 years ago#223
From: Deathx113 | #221
I really need a Vita... ;___;

Is the sequel as good as 999??

If you have a 3DS, you can play it on that too.

I just got my shipping notice from Amazon half an hour ago. I can expect it to arrive tomorrow or so. I didn't even know they shipped on Sundays.

User Info: Little_Ishida

4 years ago#224
MGS3- The Boss's Debreifing

Mother 3- All of it

User Info: CharonDynami

4 years ago#225
The only one that I only ever cried to was MGS3 others have made me really sad. And to all the people who say video games are written well enough stop playing FPS and try a different genre. And to all those people who say they don't cry because they're tough or a man it's an anonymous online forum you aren't impressing anyone.
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User Info: iAmTheTot

4 years ago#226
I'm pretty sure the only game I've ever even teared up during was Mass Effect 3, but not from the end. A few parts during the game hit me really hard.
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User Info: Jhardy12121

4 years ago#227
The Garrus/Shep speech at the end of ME3 was pretty emotional for me, too bad the next part of the game couldn't capture that. Subscribe and rate

User Info: BigTlovesBEER

4 years ago#228
"That part" in Gears 3 hit me pretty hard. Halo: Reach, even though we all knew what was going to happen.

User Info: cdrw1987

4 years ago#229
I've never cried because of a video game but some made me a bit choked up, The Walking Dead and Heavy Rain off the top of my head
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User Info: skull151215

4 years ago#230
I am not sure if this was posted or not, but Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII made me cry at the end. Even to this day, I still cry every time I finish this game.
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