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Why do YOU prefer Xbox over Playstation?

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User Info: YodaCrackers

4 years ago#131
-Controller - ergonomic design fits perfectly into hands, not too light or too heavy, analog stick placement more natural for thumbs, analog stick concave design grips fingertips, trigger concave design stops finger slippage

-Xbox LIVE - wildly superior user interface, rich with features, easy navigation, far more extensive marketplace catalog, trials for every single Arcade game, features integrated perfectly throughout the service from dashboard to guide button, cross game chat/party system, achievement system and ease of comparing with friends, Microsoft points currency allows me to pay less for games by earning free points or buying points on sale, optional installs, fast and painless downloads and patches, seasonal dashboard updates improving the service, just feels more connected like I'm part of a community whereas PSN feels to me more like a lonely, almost clinical experience (hard to explain)

-Games - prefer the exclusives, unmatched Arcade lineup, superior multiplatform titles, early DLC for most big games I care about
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User Info: MRL3G3ND

4 years ago#132
bigdaddyjh2002 posted...
MRL3G3ND posted...
dreamcast took a dive...was in the market for a new console
compared playstation vs xbox...
xbox had more features: better graphics processing, custom soundtracks, harddrive...and something called live coming soon

Live blew my mind, automatically contined with the next gen since it was first and promised more expansion with live...while sony was still struggling withis disjointed service.

Now it just seems since sony went with an odd configuration for it's hardware, I've lucked out because multiplat games are always better for xbox, because it's easier for them to develop, and just port to everything else

It just seems like the ps3 was smelling their own piss when they was expensive, and the payoff had yet to be seen...they didn't even have vibration in their controllers at

it's been a nice ride, but it seems as though all of the free stuff, all the customer service has dried up since they are in seems like they are trying to milk the customer now...

Maybe the best console is always the seems like they try to do more for the customer

The Fanboyism is strong in this one.

lol oh yeah?
I go where the good gaming goes..right now I'm stuck between PC and xbox
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User Info: 2Dshmuplover

4 years ago#133
Exclusives (Forza mainly, Rare's games and import JP shmups too)
Controller (more comfortable, great for everything now we have the new D-pad)
Better multiplatform games (9.5 times out of 10 they are technically superior)
XBLA (Some of the best games I've played this gen have been on XBLA)
Ability to install games to HDD (major feature, saves wear and tear, heat build-up and is whisper quiet)
Ease of use (Seriously, patches take forever on PS3, everything is efficient on 360)
Online gaming (I don't do it much but it's there if I need it, cross chat is a great feature)

Last but not least, I call my 360 the DREAMCAST 2!!
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User Info: JKeezy85

4 years ago#134
Short answer: Personal preference.

Long answer: When I decided to get a 360 5 years ago the decision was easy: The PS3 was still much more expensive and most of the 3rd party exclusives that were big on PS2 (GTA and DMC) were going multi-platform.

The PS3 eventually caught up to the point where, a couple years later, I'd say you couldn't really go wrong with either. I don't regret my decision though; especially seeing how this generation turned out.

Looking at my PS2 library, it consists mostly of JRPG's and other big name Japanese series like MGS and DMC. If I got a next gen system wanting more of that I'd be really disappointed. JRPG's have all but disappeared from home consoles and Japanese developers in general had a really tough time adjusting this Gen.

My 360 consists of mostly western developed games. I've come to love the M$ exclusive too. I see no reason to play another racing game that isn't Forza. Ditto for Gears and 3ps. And Halo is the only FPS I'll invest any time in online. There's also series that started out as exclusives that eventually went multi- plat, like Mass Effect and Bioshock. But I think those are still better on 360.
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