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Why do YOU prefer Xbox over Playstation?

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User Info: knightimex

5 years ago#21

If ps3 had the games I wanted back then I probably wouldn't be here now.
Old School Games FTW!

User Info: link0316

5 years ago#22
HajimeNoIppo posted...
8/10 the Multi Platform games play better.

100% agree.
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User Info: iammaxhailme

5 years ago#23
From: godplaysSNES | #005
I don't

Once you get a somewhat decent PC, there's almost no reason to get a 360 instead of a PS3/Wii anymore
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User Info: Chewy247

5 years ago#24
Initially I found it to be because it was made by an American company. I found that really cool when I was younger.
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User Info: desert_santa

5 years ago#25
can install games

can pretty much pause any time(even during cutscenes that cannot be paused) using the x button in the middle(dunno what it is called)

that's it

User Info: snellaiappan

5 years ago#26
exclusives, controller, multiplatform games
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User Info: Fishman24

5 years ago#27

However I am not sure which system I will purchase next generation.

User Info: Scared0o0Rabbit

5 years ago#28
I have a general dislike for Sony as a company. They have done too many things to consumers over the years for me to want to pick up something like a PS3.

It would not take much for me to stick microsoft into that same camp though.
Gaming for > 20 years
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User Info: Geist

5 years ago#29
Better games, I like Fable, Halo, Gears, and Kinect more then Uncharted, Resistance, Killzone, and Move.
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User Info: shawnmck

5 years ago#30
For me it ultimately boils down to the controller.
The XB 360 has the better controller, which is more comfortable & useful.
The PS3's controller is annoying to say the least.

And I do own both, and do have exclusives for both...but ultimately I play for longer periods of time on my XB 360 because the controller is comfortable & preferable.

I seriously hope Sony does a re-design of the controller with the PS4.
Even Nintendo does better controllers.
The Dual-Shock controller (DS3) is a piece of crap in my honest opinion.
Love the PS3 console, but despise the controller.
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