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The game that let you down the most this generation?

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User Info: plus1zero

4 years ago#161
This gen? Gears 2 is a close one, but I still enjoyed the campaign and horde enough. Gears 1 was my all-time favorite, and they more than redeemed themselves with Gears 3 IMHO.

That said, assassins creed 3. Man, was sure it'd be my GotY, but I played the game for 7 hours and just couldn't stomach it any longer.

User Info: WhiteAngel50

4 years ago#162
I thought fallout 3 was the most terrible game I've played. I mean it was cool seeing the open wasteland but the gameplay was so slow and boring.

Duke nukem was second. My god my hands cried when I played the game :( I hope it gets better soon
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User Info: Osteoporozis

4 years ago#163
I haven't bought any of the REALLY disappointing ones. But of the ones I have bought, somewhere between ME3 and Skyrim. ME3 is all cool now that they've patched up the ending some, and Skyrim has a boatload of mods out, so I'm still happy.
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User Info: blakbird13

4 years ago#164
Crackdown 2 it felt to much like the first one... And Infamous2 for some reason I get motion sickness when I play it.... I really want to play it just not with a motion sickness bag hanging around my neck...
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User Info: no1oblivionfan

4 years ago#165
Mass Effect 3. I'm still p***** off at this stage.
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User Info: speedkills4121

4 years ago#166
hmm cant decide between me3, da2, and ff13

User Info: kingwutugu

4 years ago#167
Dragon age 2 and Warriors orochi 3 for not having English VA
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User Info: I_suk_at_golf

4 years ago#168
Ninja Gaiden 2. Ninja Gaiden Black is one of my all-time favorites, so NG2 was basically a system seller for me. While it wasn't bad, it lacked all of the polish that made the first great. The camera was way worse, enemies just spammed projectiles, and it just felt unfinished. NG3 killed the series.

User Info: bossk5

4 years ago#169
Kengo Legend of the Nine.

I LOVED Kengo on the ps2.....LotN broke my heart.
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User Info: Revenanced

4 years ago#170
Diablo 3 - I remember seeing just about what was released as a finished product Blizzcon 2008. I was pretty shocked that very little went into it for 3ish years. Though it would be the next big game for me. Instead it became very much a flop.

Final Fantasy 13 - I keep hoping that Final Fantasy will go back to its glory days from Playstation 1 and 2. Instead SE keeps trying revolution things. Instead its a lackluster game with mediocre at best gameplay/combat mechanics, convoluted/uninteresting storyline, etc. I'm to the point where I will never buy a SE game without seeing a bit of it first. I've lost brand loyalty to SE.
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