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The game that let you down the most this generation?

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User Info: YodaCrackers

4 years ago#41
Saints Row 2

Being such a huge fan of open world games, I bought my Xbox 360 specifically for Saints Row back in 2006. I was immediately blown away as it was my first next gen game and my first true multiplayer game as well and I played it for many months.

Then in April 2008, GTA IV released and I was completely spoiled. Open world gaming heaven... a technical marvel. Still my favorite game this gen. When Saints Row 2 released later that year, I was still excited but I was immediately struck by how technologically inferior it was... I mean strikingly inferior. Rockstar just did everything a million times better from graphics and physics to dialogue and storytelling. Saints Row 2 felt like a bargain bin game in comparison, the straight-to-VHS GTA wannabe. And where the **** was Protect Tha Pimp?!

I can't entirely blame Volition though. I've got to blame Rockstar for making every other developer look bad with their devilishly good games!
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User Info: Peter-Engine

4 years ago#42
FFXIII and LA Noire.

User Info: forgotmypen

4 years ago#43
Fallout NV.

So it had ADS and joining factions and some kind of "hardcore mode". All three were boring. The invisible boundaries and the lifeless towns. The whole map was a Nascar loop. Fallout 3 had that special something that NV lacked. NV had no soul and no significant set pieces. Hated that game and wanted to love it so much before it came out.
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User Info: Vivi0198

4 years ago#44
Max Payne 3. I knew immediately the game would be full of fail when I seen new Max and the new setting.
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Gandalf the Istari 4 years ago#45
FFXIII and it's subsequent sequels.

User Info: GreatWhite20XX

4 years ago#46
Final Fantasy XIII was so bad it cured me from buying every Squaresoft game.

Mass Effect 3 the ending wasnt the only thing i didnt like. Small squad of bland characters side Garrus. Everyone that came from ME2 all have bs reasons of why they cant help, and it was a real letdown. Less control in conversations..especially the ending.

Eye Of Judgement somehow i got to return it to bestbuy by flipping out.

Resident Evil and Capcom in general has this and other games heading in a direction similar to Squaresoft. Is more of the same really what we all wanna play? Those companies seem to think so.

User Info: Madcowdzyze

4 years ago#47
Plenty of crappy games that I rented but that's why I have Gamefly so that I don't BUY these crappy games. Of all the games I BOUGHT this year(Maybe 5) I think Assassins' Creed III was the biggest letdown because I looked forward to it the most out of any of the ones I bought. The game was fun. I had a good time, but I don't feel like its storyline or glitchy gameplay did the series justice. That being said, it wasn't a BAD game, it was just the biggest disappointment for me this year.
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User Info: CBrate

4 years ago#48
Dragon Age 2. No need to discuss the details as it has been done ad nauseum.
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User Info: ArcFan10000

4 years ago#49
Gandalf the Istari posted...
FFXIII and it's subsequent sequels.

I'll tell ya the reason I hated FF13 was the ending to the game. I wont spoil it but it was pretty bad.
Tales of Graces f however was a well written story., that FF13 lacked.
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User Info: MasterLink2012

4 years ago#50
Good question. I think that might be Sonic Colors.
So boring and so bland.. not to mention it's way too short :/ And the final boss is not as epic as the previous Sonic games.. Pff.
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