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Will you stick with MS next gen, or have they lost you>..!?

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User Info: adroge01

4 years ago#141
I think they have probably lost me. I've had my 360 for a year after its launch, and I own just a few games for it. I also refuse to pay for an online service -- especially when it's free (as it should be) with the other consoles.

User Info: Crimson681

4 years ago#142
I'm sticking with PC, and am not going to buy any next-gen systems until after 2+ years into their life after the price has dropped. I'm not spending $600 on a console system just for it to RROD and turn into a door stop 1 year later. When I buy a console, I expect at least 10 years of life out of it. If they cannot meet those quality standards then I'll stop buying them.

Casualty list this generation:

PS3s = 2 YLOD, 1 of them was a slim.

360s = 3 RROD, one of them was the arcade model.

Casualty list of all previous generations of systems owned all the way back to NES = 0

This generation = 5.

Yeah that means all other previous systems I've ever bought are STILL working. Even my Sega CD still works.

User Info: kungfuj0

4 years ago#143
To be honest, I don't know yet.

First, I want to see the features of everyone's consoles. What kind of drives are they using? What kind of mass storage do they have, etc.

Second, what kinds of games with the systems have? Does either system have a game that is a must have to ME? 360 had that last time with Forza and ME, so I went 360. We will see what the ps4 and 720 have to offer.

Third is price. PS3 lost me last time because they wanted an arm and a leg for the system. 360 was more reasonable and had better games (to me), so I went 360.

Fourth is durability, and this is especially true in MS's case. I've had rrod 3 times, and while I like that they stepped up and admitted there was a problem and tried to deal with it, had MS done its due dilligence in the first place they would never have had to go through with all of that. It is for that reason that I won't be buying ANY console at launch. I'll wait a few months and see how things shake out If I get desperate for new games, I never bought a ps3 this gen and it is cheap now, and their whole damn library is new to me, so I won't hesitate to go that route.

I guess the bottom line at this point is that I am still in full-on wait and see mode. Lets see some official feature announcements and game announcements and whatnot, and I'll go from there. Has MS 'lost' me? No, but they are going to have to do some things better next gen if they want to keep me.
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User Info: roadtosalvation

4 years ago#144
CaPwnD posted...
From: roadtosalvation | #043
No offense, but Microsoft never had me... the titles I would play on their systems are mostly multi platform.

The only game I want that's on a Mircosoft system is Panzer Dragoon Orta, but Panzer Dragoon Zwei on the Saturn (which I have) is better anyway.

So why would you even post in a topic like this anyways?

To tick you off. That a good enough reason?

User Info: EGMRULZ

4 years ago#145
Yi Long posted...
Personally, I'm afraid they've lost me, after 3 extremely poor E3 showings where it's been clear that they've shifted their focus towards Kinect and Dashboard apps.

The best thing these last few years on the 360, FOR ME, have been the excellent XBLA games (Super Meat Boy, Trials Evo, Mark of the Ninja, etc), bt really nothing much else.

Also, PSN+ seems like a better deal than Gold.

Depending on what Valve will bring to the table with their 'Steam-Box, I think I'll switch over to them, and hopefully the OUYA will deliver the goods in the 'arcade' category.

Ill support both MS and Sony for next gen since their systems is where I spent the past 5 years. I'm very curious about the valve console but I don't have a good hi-speed connection so I may miss out.

User Info: Alitheiaa

4 years ago#146
Never had me.

In fact, the whole concept of Lobby Matchmaking that started with Xbox Live is my least favourite thing to have existed.

So much for playing on servers on a modern Call of Duty. Instead, I get forced onto a specific team with random people who may or may not be hackers with no counter-measure for that unfairness. I also have to rely on some random person for the basis of my connection instead of a stable, dedicated server that is much more apt to handle the game's connection better. And I could play with more than 12-16 people if I feel like it.

The controller is bulky, the online service hasn't proved to be any good in my experience regardless of price (which the price is outrageous). It has less technological support than PS3: Read as no Blu-ray. The game selection is heavily biased towards FPS which isn't the only genre in existence.

Definitely sticking with Sony if getting a console next gen, even though I'll likely stick with PC as I much enjoy being able to push graphics as high as I feel at will, plus I enjoy the precision of my aiming with a mouse much more than analogue anyway.
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User Info: randomweirdo

4 years ago#147
Honestly who gets my support depends on what games come out for each console. This gen has really sucked in my opinion and I spent more money buying up games for handhelds and making sure I got all the ps2 games I wanted before they were no longer being sold. My library of current gen games is pathetic outside of my DS and PSP collection.

Honestly, I didn't even get a current gen console until 2 years ago, I was sticking with DS and PSP until then.

User Info: Yi Long

Yi Long
4 years ago#148
JKSonic posted...

And so you're going to abandon XBox because it's focusing on a device that actually works and became popular? Do you honestly think if MOVE wasn't a flop they wouldn't be focusing on it? And it's still a rare thing when MS FORCES you to use Kinect except for you know...actual Kinect only games which don't seem to appeal to you anyway.

Wait.... did I somehow miss the newsreport that Kinect actually has games worth playing!?

Please tell which are A-grade games using Kinect, cause as far as I know, Kinect has only been a COMMERCIAL success in that many people jumped on-board the whole overpriced hype-train and bought it, but so far I haven't actually seen any must-have games being released for the device which we'llstill be raving about 10 years from now.

Super Meat Boy came out at pretty much the exact same time as Kinect did, and only cost me 800MSP . THAT is a game that will still be remembered fondly 10-15 years from now!

User Info: beautifuldreams

4 years ago#149
microsoft has lost me. not making games available on GoD until months (if only) after release killed it for me

User Info: ValzacardX

4 years ago#150
Microsoft has not lost me, but in many aspects disappointed me. If the Next Xbox has must have launch games I'll get it, but other than that it's so many games I've missed this gen I wouldn't mind at all waiting the longggggg time it will take beating the huge backlog I have, just on the 360. I'm also hoping the the system is up to par, and nothing like the RRoD will come about.

I also don't mind paying for the service as it's been leagues ahead of whats offered on the other consoles, thought PSN + is shaping up real nice, not standard PSN.
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