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Games you didn't like/weren't interested in that everyone else seem to love.

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User Info: pothocket

4 years ago#101
Red Dead Redemption

Generic 3rd person shooter gameplay, empty world with nothing to do, linear missions in an open world, a god awful story until the final "chapter" of missions...the list goes on

The game had a great ending, that was it. Everything else was a shallow experience.
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User Info: Jerba1232

4 years ago#102
Kirby127 posted...

GTA San Andreas. I absolutely hated this one, but I have a thing about how I should finish a game before I pass judgment on it. It was torture to say the least. All the other GTA`s are amazing IMO (even IV) but this one was nothing more than infuriating and unnecessarily complicated. (Not to mention unnecessarily huge. Half of the world served no purpose.) I did love the way Los Santos felt though, and there were a few points of the story I found really good, just nowhere near as good as GTA`s traditional mob stories.

Half of a giant world serving no purpose in GTA?

Man, you ain't playing the game right.
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User Info: iwindontargue09

4 years ago#103
COD/all shooter games

god of war- game was terrible. too easy, story was crap/nonexistant, hero was bland and extremely stereotypical, like playing through a heavy metal album but worse

All FF's after X- just turned to crap

All pokemon after gen 2- games are targerted to younger and younger audiences

New LoZ games- wouldnt play SS and couldnt get into TP

im sure there are plenty more

User Info: Bleach313

4 years ago#104
Saints Row Series
Grand Theft Auto Series

I never got why people loved open world sandbox games. My friends literally sit their for hours playing the game AFTER they beat it. They sit their throwing hookers off roofs, ramming ambulance's together, or making 6 star havoc. I mean that stuff is fun for like 1 hour but after that I can't enjoy it anymore. I think the only game I played that was sandbox that I played for a long time AFTER beating it was Red Dead Redemption. That game was actually fun.
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User Info: twwoodard

4 years ago#105
epslion posted...
My list and reasons:
GTA4 - boring & repetitive
Oblivion & Skyrim - I just don't like medieval fantasy games in general
Borderlands 1 & 2 - boring & repetitive
Modern Warfare 3 - blatant cash-in on the MW franchise with minimal changes/improvements
Minecraft - I just don't see the point/objective/goal to this game, lol

If you'd like to add your own list or try to convince me otherwise about my own list, then by all means go for it.

Anything Halo
Anything Assassin's Creed
Anything Call of Duty
I agree with GTA4
Dragon Age I & II (I love fantasy RPGs, but these are classic examples of how to do them wrong)
Mass Effect 1, 2 &3 (see above)

User Info: Oni_Taedo

4 years ago#106
Virtue777 posted...
Zelda: LttP - Really boring game with terrible combat and annoying music.

Chrono Trigger - Horrible story, and the characters are dull and forgettable.

Call of Duty 4: MW - What a bad, generic game. It brought nothing to the table and the graphics were bad.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 - Really dull game with crappy music.

Dark Souls - Clunky bad combat, bad graphics, no music, bad story. Bad.

Skyrim - This game does nothing right.

Final Fantasy VII, VIII, IX and X - All bad and forgettable, nothing good about any of these games.

LttP is one of the greatest games ever, and has awesome music. Especially the Dark World theme.

SMG2 is just as good as SMG, if not slightly better. The music was great, and you're a philistine.

Everything else is correct.
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User Info: Focian

4 years ago#107
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User Info: Raddy8

4 years ago#108
CoD- They are fun for a bit, and I can see why the populace buys these games so much, but I get bored with war shooters pretty quick.

Fallout-Not bad games at all, just much prefer Elder Scrolls with that type of gameplay.

GTA-Again, doesn't seem to be a bad series, but don't get why it's such a huge deal anymore. Only one I completed was Vice City, and I know that was at least partly due to the 80's theme.
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User Info: TheSpectre

4 years ago#109
Assassin's Creed series, Halo series, CoD series and Dishonored. I've been goaded to giving Dishonored a second chance.

User Info: majinbuu58

4 years ago#110
Skyrim - possibly the worst entry in the series imo
Fallout 3 - but i eventually got into it and loved it. It just took several years..
GTA IV - same reason as skyrim
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