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General Consensus of Dragon Age 2?

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User Info: Winternova

4 years ago#41
GorillaOnRoof posted...
This game came at an excellent time for me, as I was recovering from playing this painfully terrible game called "Beyond Good And Evil HD".

You could play that? I couldn't even start with the horrible camera controls. I wasted my money on that POS...what idiot doesn't even put in inverted look controls?
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User Info: Sabram

4 years ago#42
I greatly enjoyed it, thought the storyline was well written, the cameos of characters from DA:O were well done and didnt feel forced. The one part i didnt like was the limitation of areas to explore.
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User Info: Steve_Teddie

4 years ago#43
Perfectly enjoyable, just a disservice to the original DA, and way too repetitive.

Hopefully 3 goes back to being great again.

User Info: flagg2kplus

4 years ago#44
Making guns illegal will end gun violence right? They should make murder illegal too. No more murder. They should make rape illegal! No more rape! Drugs too...

User Info: no1oblivionfan

4 years ago#45
Despised it, it marked the downfall of Bioware and it destroyed a series with so much potential. I play it on PC (As I honestly don't see how DA is playable on console) and the game barely worked. It was a worse port than AC 1. I also heard rumours that it was released in an Alpha state in which I wouldn't be surprised.
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