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Looking for input on gaming headsets

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User Info: Quintious

4 years ago#1
Have done some research, seem to have hit a wall.


1) Must be wireless
2) Must work on X360, PS3, PC, and preferrably my SmartTV
3) Comfort
4) Must be an "around the ear" solution so as to not bleed out noise to those nearby

I started by looking at Sennheiser, but it appears the only multi-console headset they have is wired

Then I took a look at the Astro A50, but saw a number of serious negatives about it, which I wouldn't expect from a $300 headset

Only Turtle Beach headset I saw that looked like it was universal was the Bravo, and it just looks kind of cheap.

What's out there for an all-in-one solution?
I sued Microsoft...and won!

User Info: SVT52986

4 years ago#2
I was deciding between the Turtle Beach Blacks Ops II Tango model and Astro A50 myself and went with the Astro. Had them a month now with zero regrets. The sound quality is noticeably better than my previous Turtle Beach set, they are super comfortable and get good battery life per charge. Not sure what negatives you have heard but I have had none with my pair.

User Info: Quintious

4 years ago#3
A50 cons I've heard about:
-Cables are cheap
-Stand is cheap
-Microphone quality not good
-No co-op listening (planes and what not)
-Must buy a dongle to make it X360 compatible (I have an old 360)

Largely what I've read indicates they removed a lot of really nice features from the A40's (which are sadly wired) from the A50 for no reason.
I sued Microsoft...and won!
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