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Holiday Give away-Free codes

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User Info: Leon_SK_01

4 years ago#11
Gurn Blanston posted...
I got one of the Rage codes last night, so the person who said they redeemed them all is a liar.

Good! One thing I learned on this site is to never give out codes here since most of the users are greedy.

User Info: Arucard05

4 years ago#12
Very cool of you.
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User Info: all_that_juice

4 years ago#13
I refuse to give away any more codes here too. From experience, the person who redeems it will likely never say thank you let alone announce that they have redeemed it. The person will also likely not even care for the game, nor ever make use of the content. They just redeem to screw someone who actually would enjoy the code.
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