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What was the last achievement you got in 2012?

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User Info: lopez409

4 years ago#21
Last one was worst date ever in far cry 3
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User Info: EyeSeeNo1

4 years ago#22
Defender in ME3

User Info: DuskyEclipse

4 years ago#23
"Rocking the Boat" in FarCry 3

User Info: Chargrilled

4 years ago#24
Something from assassins creed 3
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User Info: Jarten

4 years ago#25
The full Steam 2012 Winter Sale Badge.

User Info: pacpuf7249

4 years ago#26
"The Mentor"- Silver- Assassins Creed Revelations
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User Info: ffmasterjose

4 years ago#27
something for halo 4
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User Info: EZ_711

4 years ago#28
"Shooting Stars" in XCOM. Rather appropriate, what with personal wishes for the new year and all.

User Info: mobius5747

4 years ago#29
Secret Mission 2 in Tales of Vesperia
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User Info: Davex1990

4 years ago#30
Whatever the 'Shooting down first UFO' was called in X-Com.
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