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What was the last achievement you got in 2012?

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User Info: KtuluheroII

4 years ago#71
Beating Episode 5 of TWD.

User Info: ohollywoodo

4 years ago#72
100,000 stars in LIPS - 40gs
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User Info: SCB3

4 years ago#73
Hitmam Absolution - Silent Assasssin
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User Info: Bleach313

4 years ago#74
Persona 4 The Golden
"Breaking Through the Fog"
Beat the game

The actual achievement is a secret but the gist of the trophy is beat the game. I didn't want to spoil anything.
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User Info: DarthVashti

4 years ago#75
The last one I got in 2012 was this one:

This is special!
Create a front, top-rope, and corner special move.
10G Unlocked on 12/30/2012

It was from WWE 13

User Info: NejiHyuga900

4 years ago#76
"Shock Troop" (Survived the quake, 15G) on Battlefield 3. I am new to Battlefield (and I don't have an online pass yet).
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Steam ID: NejiHyuga900

User Info: bluedragon619

4 years ago#77
Stalhrim crafter in Skyrim
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User Info: EliteGuard99

4 years ago#78
AC III - House Party
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User Info: Samp98518

4 years ago#79
Wanted Man - Midnight Club: Los Angeles
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User Info: mess98

4 years ago#80
Beat Most Wanted #9 in the new NFS MW
Now playing: World Of Warcraft (PC), Halo 4 (360)
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