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What was the last thing you killed / defeated in a Video Game?

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User Info: Travarkoth

5 years ago#1
(Mark spoilers with the spoilers tag if it's a boss, important character, etc.)

Last thing I killed was, not really unique, an enemy soldier in Army of Two. Playing through and earning some of the achievements for this game again.

You guys?
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User Info: CrystalKing5426

5 years ago#2
A thug in Arkham City.
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User Info: WhiteBaitKent

5 years ago#3
Plant Dragon - Lost Odyssey

User Info: Zanaki

5 years ago#4
2 Gankers - Dark Souls
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User Info: GravityAura

5 years ago#5
A Mechon M64 in Xenoblade Chronicles.
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User Info: Chewy247

5 years ago#6
A hunter in Resident Evil Code Veronica X HD
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User Info: CyricsServant

5 years ago#7
I "killed" Killbane on the movie set of Gangsters in Space by impaling him with a lava rock in Saints Row the Third.

User Info: AssassinDX

5 years ago#8
An alien in Xcom.

User Info: Sqawks

5 years ago#9
A Locust Grenadier in Gears of War 3.
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User Info: Xx_King_Beef_xX

5 years ago#10
Some random online in Battlefield 3. If we're not counting online, then it was a cab driver in GTA IV.
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