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What was the last thing you killed / defeated in a Video Game?

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User Info: beautifuldreams

4 years ago#151
some knight I invaded in Dark Souls

User Info: pestilence4201

4 years ago#152

Azmodan, Diablo III

*End Spoiler*
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User Info: Vort

4 years ago#153
Sneak attack on a Troll in KoA.
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User Info: o0stoneduk0o

4 years ago#154
old lady in skyrim.
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User Info: ViewtifulHustla

4 years ago#155
The Chicago Bulls

User Info: Big_Ed_Mustapha

4 years ago#156
King of the evil/normal monkeys who are now mostly normal but flesh eating while frowned upon is not entirely rare

User Info: MRL3G3ND

4 years ago#157
some stupid guy on black ops 2...appearantly he was just one of thousands I sent to respawn...don't even remember him
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User Info: nothingbeast

4 years ago#158
Some random no-name thugs in L.A. Noire.

Very amusing to have my hat shot off while shouting "THROW OUT YOUR WEAPONS!!!"
~I was stomping goombas and saving princesses long before most of you were born.

User Info: OmegaBlades

4 years ago#159
One of guardians in the high enita tomb in xenoblade chronicles.
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User Info: Travarkoth

4 years ago#160
Geth or enemy human in Mass Effect 1.
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