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the most scary horror game's you've ever played

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User Info: Kenichi34

5 years ago#51
Resident Evil 3 gave me quite the scare back in the day, especially after I first ran into the Nemesis. Didn't touch the game again for days.

Recently though? The Fatal Frame series. Every single one of them unnerved me and just freaked me out, especially how you have to fight against the ghosts.

Nothing came close to that until Dead Space 1 and 2, when I played it in the dark and with headphones on. Every Necromorph encounter initially freaked me out, especially when they pop out behind me or the whispers started. Plus all of the deaths being gruesome gave me an incentive to avoid dying at any cost.

After that came Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Made a Let's Play out of it for my friends to watch once and they made a meme out of my freak-outs and strings of swearing.

And today? ZombiU to an extent. Mostly because you instantly die if a zombie so much as grabs you, and the thick atmosphere and dread the game subjects you to works pretty well to make you cautious. Every time I have to access my inventory I get paranoid I missed a zombie or one's going to pop out of nowhere.
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User Info: IAmTheBaus

5 years ago#52
Portal 2. Once.

User Info: G-Nserico

5 years ago#53
Silent Hill (PS1).

User Info: Warhawk

5 years ago#54
The Silent Hill games were always seemed to be scary and disturbing at the same time. The PlayStation Resident Evil games gave me more of a scare than compared to the latter ones.
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User Info: MRL3G3ND

5 years ago#55
Condemned 1

The abandoned house with the writing all over it that you had to follow...You can only use the UV light or the flashlight...not gonna spoil it...but I turned the game off after that...I normally play horror games in the dark...I turned every light in the house on after that
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User Info: ARsignal11

5 years ago#56
Eternal Darkness for me.

That bathtub scene still gives me the willies.

User Info: El_Zaggy

5 years ago#57
Darkest_Evil posted...
First game ever to give me the creeps back in the 80s was

Ghost n Gobblins arcade.. was young at the time and seeing a game with stuff like that freaked me out. I look back now and don't see nothing scary but the cabinet and graphics back then were amazing.

Haunted House- atari 2600.. the stuff coming out of no where in the dark is scary with no lights on and volume loud. trust me

Friday the 13th on nes
Shadowgate on the nes
Tombs and treasures on nes

PSX- Resident evil 1 when the dog jumps through the window
-King's Field 1... the most amazing underated hell ride scare coaster ive ever played. A must!
-King's Field 2- Just as creepy as the first

PS2- King's Field Ancienct City- Sadly this is the last of the great thrill games... Still very haunting to play

Thats it for me

and i tought i was the only one who played tombs and treasures and liked it!

User Info: Samman123

5 years ago#58
Not RE4 as a whole, but the regenerator lab for the first time at night.
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User Info: link0316

5 years ago#59
The Fatal Frame series.
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User Info: shawnmck

5 years ago#60
In no particular order....

Dead Space 1 & 2
Condemned 1 & 2

I've played most of the Silent Hill games, and they were just way too weird for me personally, so I never got scared at all.
But I acknowledge that some people equate weird & strange with scary.
For me though, it does the opposite.
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