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8Gb RAM will NOT be enough for Next Gen Xbox...

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User Info: Darkest_Evil

4 years ago#111
every consider virtual ram being used by the system like on pc?

User Info: TiamatKiller

4 years ago#112
s2good posted...
L0Z posted...
but my pc has 8GB and STILL will pwn all of the next consoles -pc master race

Do you and all the other clueless people on here think that will be enough RAM to run a full 1080p+ game in 4-5 years???

Do you even play games on the PC? Because you don't know a clue what you're saying.

It won't matter 4-5 years from now.

Consoles are out-of-date as soon as they hit store shelves. Developers create games for the consoles and the specifications set for're under this wrong impression that as soon as games are capable of using that much RAM that all of a sudden they will be unplayable on consoles.

By that time anyway, the companies will already be planning their next moves.
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User Info: Xenobow

4 years ago#113
Agree. 8GB RAM is not enough.
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User Info: Shineboxer

4 years ago#114
6gb ram is enough for PC gaming now, who the hell are these people?

User Info: oomomow

4 years ago#115
I don't really care for power at some point. I just want a good game. If it has pretty graphics, even better. But, I just want to play a game.

User Info: oomomow

4 years ago#116
s2good posted...
RAM or memory will be the most important part in the upcoming next gen consoles and the way games are advancing nowadays, we understand that this element is a deciding factor in developing better graphics, physics and AI as well as other things. However, RAMs are very expensive and this will mean some decisions will have to be made by console makers on whether they can make these systems affordable to the consumer.

Using a simple equation it is easy to see the higher the RAM the more powerful the console is, amounting to a higher overall expense, so reports that the PS4 and Xbox 720 are set to have 8GB of RAM may seem to be less than what is required for the evolution of gaming. In an article on Info Barrel they suggest that both consoles will require at least 16GB of RAM to be relevant, accommodating the sort of ideas and foresight that developers like Epic games and Crytek would need to show off their visions, otherwise the upgrade would not be warranted.

4-8GB of RAM may be alright for the time being but we are looking at the evolution of gaming in years to come, and according to Crytek’s CEO the next gen console will need to have a minimum of 32GB for their future ideas, which seems much more than we expected. We are now under the impression that console makers should take these points of view on board, and maybe a happy medium of 16GB may be worth contemplating, although the rise in mobile gaming is also something the likes of Sony and Microsoft should be considering.

If some developers are suggesting that 32GB of RAM is required, we feel that this should be met at least by half, even if the overall expense could be compromised, but 8 seems to be the word on the street. Some gamers feel that consoles having more than 16GB of RAM would be an expensive exercise, therefore, 8GB seems more plausible. Others believe we will end up with only 4GB as not many games nowadays require more than this, but if we want to see the same kind of staying power that the current consoles have, so would it not be wiser to have more than not enough.

Overall many believe that 16GB is nice but they cannot see this happening, and a large majority expect only a quarter, as anything more will make these consoles too expensive. In relation to this, last month we spoke about the possibility PS4 hardware could be dictated by the Xbox 720, as news of 4GB of memory is becoming more prominent, although this could be bumped up to 8 depending on what Microsoft is offering.

This is where competition from the two companies could be beneficial for gamers, although many feel that 4GB will be the eventual outcome, yet some suggest that 6MB is not out of the question. Would you rather see a more expensive console on the market that contains a higher RAM?

8 Gb of ram is more than enough. We don't even use that much for game like Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes.

User Info: chrcol

4 years ago#117
anyone saying 8 gig is not enough doesnt know much about computers.

512meg ram is very low but thats very different to saying 8 gig isnt enough.

a adequate amount of ram I would expect to be in the 2-4gig range and then also the video to have its own vram on top of that maybe another 2 gig.

User Info: MRL3G3ND

4 years ago#118
knightimex posted...
MRL3G3ND posted...
also PC games don't have auto aim, which makes them difficult to play with controllers

This is seriously false and proves you are not a pc gamer.

I can give a list of new games that offer aim assist (auto aim)

Serious sam 3 on pc has an aim assist that's even better than on console.

yeah...I meant games that matter
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User Info: lubmelubyou

4 years ago#119
8GB of RAM is more than sufficient for a dedicated gaming platform.
Buy a PC so you can have tomorrow's technology with yesterday's games, today!
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