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Best 1st person and third person shooters on 360?

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User Info: barrysshoes

4 years ago#11
Far Cry 3
ME series

User Info: Perfect Light

Perfect Light
4 years ago#12
FPS: Far Cry 3
TPS: Mass Effect (all of them)
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User Info: darkhare

4 years ago#13
fps: portal1 & 2
3ps: vanquish and lostplanet2
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User Info: oasisbeyond

4 years ago#14

User Info: Legit_Allmighty

4 years ago#15
FPS: Campaign wise I'd go Borderlands 2. Multiplayer definitely Halo 4

User Info: Halochief6

4 years ago#16
TPS: Gears of War (3)
FPS: Bioshock (SP only), CoD4 (SP & MP combo), Halo 3 (MP only)

That last FPS option was just kind of thrown on there. Not sure what it should be
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User Info: Obtik

4 years ago#17
Tps: greats of war 3
Fps: BF3
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User Info: s2good

4 years ago#18
Far Cry 3
Gears 1 ,3
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User Info: Rome218

4 years ago#19
TPS: Max Payne 3
FPS: Far Cry 3
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User Info: 656stooge

4 years ago#20
FPS: Half Life 2, runner up Far Cry 2 (don't like FC3 much)

TPS: Vanquish, runner up Binary Domain
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