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How much did you spend on your HD TV for gaming

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User Info: tgoldberg

4 years ago#21
$35 for a Samsung 30" 1080i set. It was at Salvation Army (they actually had quite a few HDTVs at the time, for some reason) and they were having a half-price sale, so I snagged it. Best TV I've ever had.
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User Info: Ned_Mandingo

4 years ago#22
1000 for a 46 inch Samsung 2 years ago.

Currently looking for a new tv this year.
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User Info: thedon

4 years ago#23
$300 samsung 32inch 120hz
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User Info: AzureKillerDX

4 years ago#24
sdtv for the.... nevermind

User Info: skiguy1981

4 years ago#25
SunDevil77 posted...
Around $1500 for a 70 incher 1080p LED with a surround sound system

must be a crappy tv
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User Info: brumx

4 years ago#26
CRT with component but I think SDTV for DVD is better than even the best HDTV out there. Of course HDTV is better for gaming tho

User Info: chizzaroid

4 years ago#27
210 for an insignia 32" 720 led from best buy.
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User Info: Winterstar

4 years ago#28
$500 or so for a 47" Philips 1080p 120Hz LCD in 2011.
Got a 40" 1080p RCA for $300 for the bedroom this year and moved the PS3 in there.
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User Info: Lapanui

4 years ago#29
I'm not 100% sure, but I bought mine during a Sale in September 2011. I keep track of my Finances in a spreadsheet and I see a payment for £350 during that month which must of been the TV. I remember the price had been dropped by quite a lot.

It's an LG 42" LED Backlit. It's a great TV.
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User Info: Matt_256

4 years ago#30
For everything? around $2,200 a year and a half ago and it was a deal.

52" Sharp Quattron LED 1080p 240Hz ($1,899 but purchased on sale for $1,399)
Hybrid stand worth approx $450
4 year warranty approx $300
Calibration was another $200 (waste of money from Futureshop, the kids didn't know wtf they were doing. I did my own personal calibration which was 50x's better than theirs)

I got a package deal so I did save quite a bit of money. I also paid for installation but they screwed it up and ruined my walls so I got that installation waived. I was originally going to have just a wall mount but since my building is so old the walls couldn't sustain the TV with a mount so I had to move to a hybrid stand which was an additional $200 but the guy waived the additional charge for my troubles. My bill was a jumbled mess but after taxes and everything I think it was just over $2,200. I'm saving for an OLED TV right now but I could be waiting 2 years.
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