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Whats Next?

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User Info: HeLeeham

4 years ago#41
Killah Priest posted...
Winternovas Vesperia log was hilarious.

I didn't *hate* any of them, just saying they can feel forced when you try too hard to be clever.

Its when the poster tries to turn everything into a joke. It gets to a point where you're unable to tell whether they like the game or not. Winternova doing Tales and Arucard doing Dragon Age 2 was fine because we knew they hated the game so they weren't exactly making jokes, they were just expressing their opinions.

User Info: nintendogamer13

4 years ago#42
skyrim is pretty lame unless you play it modded on pc. Go with dmc hd collection, cool games that require some actual skill, just avoid 2.
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User Info: este914

4 years ago#43
DMC HD Collection for sure... dont waste time with 2nd play thrus if you got a huge backlog
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