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Games you want on the 360

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User Info: HeLeeham

5 years ago#11
BrutalBrocken posted...
Shenmue 3. Dont care what system I have to get to get it. i need to finish this quest

Hell yeah. Need to finally find out where I can find some sailors.

User Info: masked_yazoo

5 years ago#12
Games I am waiting to be release on the 360
Megaman Legends 3
Mana Khemia 3
MS Saga 2
Tales of Vesperia 2
Dante's Inferno 2

Games that I want to be ported on the 360
Tales of Graces F
Tales of Xilia
Gundam vs Gundam
Ninja Gaiden 3 Razors Edge
Records of Agarest War 2
Dynasty Warriors 8
Metal Gear Solid 4
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User Info: SoF-Rambo

5 years ago#13
A remake of Metal Gear 2.

I've always wondered how that owl thing would look today.
Gamertag : Z0mb13S0ldier
Current Most Played : Mass Effect 3, Sleeping Dogs, Battlefield 3, and WWE 12.

User Info: Xenobow

5 years ago#14
Ni No Kuni
Tales of Graces f
Tales of Xillia 1&2
Lost Odyssey

User Info: mrhappyguy12345

5 years ago#15
A 3d Mario would be pretty nice with the 360 controller.
What happened to happy, non-jaded gamers?

User Info: Samman123

5 years ago#16
San Andreas HD
MMA fan for life.
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