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imagine a 1:1 scale world sandbox game.

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User Info: Porcupine

5 years ago#11
If someone was dead-set on implementing that, it could be done today. It would only require a dedicated online server that stored the whole world, and people could download parts of the world from that server as needed.

The online server would only be limited by HD space, for the most part.

User Info: FirelanderX

5 years ago#12
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User Info: bigJ7235

5 years ago#13
Something like this?
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User Info: weapon_d00d816

5 years ago#14
I don't think it's a technology issue, it's a manpower issue. Do you realize how much information gathering this would take?
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User Info: Solis

5 years ago#15
This has been done in several projects, with various levels of detail. The most impressive I've seen is this:
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User Info: Prealienking

5 years ago#16
FirelanderX posted...

That's 1:1500

User Info: shawnmck

5 years ago#17
They already have a game like that...
It's called Real Life.

User Info: TheBlueStig

5 years ago#18
the36thchamber posted...
how long does it take to do something factually couldnt even do that in a dream

Since no game with large levels loads the entire level at once (they all stream the sections of the map closest to you, even racing games do that now), it wouldn't be that hard to do, you'd just need a HUGE amount of storage space to get it done.

And technically at least one 1:1 scale game has been done already, Test Drive Unlimited, it contains the full island of Oahu. It takes just under an hour to do a full lap of the outside of the island averaging 190+mph the entire time.
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User Info: bluehat94

5 years ago#19
It depends entirely on the amount of detail, will it just be the continents and ocean? Or do you mean everything down to every city, house, animal, vehicle, etc. from the top of the tallest mountain to the deepest depths of the ocean?

Because the second thing would probably take decades to render, texture, and animate.
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User Info: hendrixridder

5 years ago#20
this sounds like a project for valve and google!
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