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imagine a 1:1 scale world sandbox game.

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User Info: rtdzign

4 years ago#31
A true 1:1 scale world would have every atom, electron, and all states of energy taken into account. Every single molecule and the state that it is in accounted for. Maybe in 200 years.
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User Info: coconutarmy1

4 years ago#33
That would be freaky hard! Political problems would get in the way if we tried to do a modern version of earth (Sorry bro, no North Korea for you). But an older one, or one with made up cities would be cool. The earth is huge, but some games can already generate larger worlds. The problem is making it all in data and not randomly generated. Also, there's a problem of scale. If somebody wants to go to a particular place, would they have to hike or fly a vehicle or whatever like real life? That would take a long time if I wanted to go to say, Bangadesh, and the game starts in America or Japan or whatever. There's a huge data problem, where if we have the whole planet as it is, how much more data can we afford to use to make the game fun while keeping it accessible to more than two people? And do we have npcs or something to interact with? Do they have generic models or imitate the appearances and cultures of the people around them? Honestly, if I'm in Africa, I don't want to see the same white guy I saw in North America over and over again (No offense to white people... I am one. But still, it's pretty dull when everybody looks the same). And if we have them, can they be interacted with at all, or are they like farming sim where they just walk in a line right through you and are pretty pointless? Do we have seasons? Or is the world constant? Is it multiplayer? Can multiplayer even be done on something like this where I'm in Beijing and my friend is in the Bronx? And how much would something like this cost? Do we have canned generic flora and fauna, or lifelike? Some places, like the California Redwoods, would be pretty boring without different trees. Can you change the landscape, or just use godmode power to chuck stuff around?

Lots of problems I see. Our bigger mapped games now are maybe a bit bigger than Vatican City, which is a huge leap from years ago. Looks at the original legend of zelda in comparison to farcry 3. I give it a solid 10-15 years... And I would thoroughly enjoy playing the game if I could afford it.
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