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What console are you going with next gen?

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User Info: Knight_Rider_3K

4 years ago#61
None, I am retiring from gaming.
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User Info: natevines

4 years ago#62
darealest47 posted...
Why isn't wii u included in this poll? I'll get all three just like the rest of the world.

"The rest of the world" doesn't purchase three consoles.
Gamertag- MidgetRifleman

User Info: Solid Sonic

Solid Sonic
4 years ago#63
Whatever the next PlayStation is.

I'm going to get caught in the same trap I did this gen with Xbox LIVE if I purchase the next Xbox.
Linux will never be a gaming platform.

User Info: jorgestevenson

4 years ago#64
PC, since games are just about free.

I'm looking at my Xbox 360 gaming set up right now. We've got:

Xbox 360 console ($300)
22 games ($550) (used average price of $25 per game)
4 years of LIVE ($175)

It's clear that, unless you hardly buy any games, the biggest expenditure you are going to have in any given console generation is for the games themselves, not the system.

Therefore it would be smart to focus less on the fixed cost (the console) and more on the variable costs (the games). So I'll be going with the PC, which has about a $1K initial outlay and maybe $200 in maintenance every 5 years. All the while, games for the PC are basically free.

User Info: Mindwipe77

4 years ago#65
both, plus got my wii u already too. These however will be the last gaming consoles i ever buy due to me getting older and having almost every system released in the US
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User Info: DyingPancake

4 years ago#66
I'd love both, but just like this gen I know I will only have time for one.

I much prefer Microsofts exclusives to Sony's so I'll probably go with them again

Gears of War and Halo will probably be mind-blowing all over again
Under a cold October sky, I wait
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