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If guns dissapeared from video games... What would you do?

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User Info: jjars898

4 years ago#101
egglink posted...
Swords. Problem solved

Ding ding ding! We have a winner!
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User Info: 2Dshmuplover

4 years ago#102
Start using them in real life.
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User Info: paperwarior

4 years ago#103
No R&C, no Devil May Cry, no realistic open-world games... Terrible.
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User Info: finisher_nova

4 years ago#104
They would replace the guns with walkie talkies, you know like in the remake of E.T.

User Info: Osteoporozis

4 years ago#105
I would continue playing from my stack of games that aren't shooters. That is, to say, almost all of the games I own.
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User Info: MEFreak1984

4 years ago#106
Hmmm. Most games I play use Swords, crossbows, magic, etc. So as long as they stayed, I'd be good.
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User Info: Hercik1

4 years ago#107
Start stabbing people and using magic to set people on fire.

User Info: Psychofang12001

4 years ago#108
It get boring and there be a loop hole for sure like magic guns lol
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User Info: aDomination

4 years ago#109
Move on to more sword and pointy things of course.
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User Info: Nintendological

4 years ago#110
I'm more intrigued by traditional fantasy than by science fiction and guns. While I do enjoy games like Left 4 Dead and Killing Floor, most of my favorite games don't involve using a gun (Two Worlds, Dragon Age, Castle Crashers, Street Fighter).
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  3. If guns dissapeared from video games... What would you do?

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