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If guns dissapeared from video games... What would you do?

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User Info: creep50

4 years ago#81
natevines posted...
creep50 posted...
nazacuckoo posted...
MrBathingApe posted...
oasisbeyond posted...
the video game industry would be so much more creative again like the 80's and early 90's.

yeah, that wonderfully original era where every other game was a side scrolling platformer.

Agree that you don't need guns in TR though.

I couldn't agree more.

the problem is tho that the FPS these days dont even try to be different from each other

there are very few fps that dont pick atleast 2 of these

1.sprint button where the character puts the gun down
2.regenerating health
3.iron sights
4.2 weapon limit
5.expandable crosshair
6.set in the military

sure there where alot of side scrollers in the 80s-early 90s....but aside from having a jump button and some of them a shooting button....most of them played differently (with few exceptions)

And I could quite easily generate a list of six items and say that very sidescrollers in the 80s-early 90s didn't pick two of. Your point is completely moot.

really...because i remember very few of them set in the ´´real´´ world..or having anything that was not usually creative

having a 3d world has alot more room for creativity you know.....
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User Info: KeyBlade999

4 years ago#82
To respond to the initial question - not care.
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User Info: ZerothPower

4 years ago#83
Like several others here, it wouldn't affect me.

However, we'd see a rise of games in the FPFT genre.

That's First Person Fruit Thrower.

User Info: capcat123

4 years ago#84
Play Medieval mode in TF2 all day
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User Info: ADHDguitar

4 years ago#85
Limit it to modern bullet projectile weapons and I'd laugh impossibly hard.
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User Info: Akaimizu

4 years ago#86
Guns dissapearing from video games? As in Government-controlled censorship??? Wesley Snipes comes out of the freezer (prison) this year?

What I would start to seriously consider is a couple of things:

"Buying major stock in Taco Bell."
"Working on a plan to make major mad amounts of money by creating a sanitary method of wiping up after going to the bathroom in the shape of 3 seashells."

And oh, Be nice to Snipes when he gets out. Yep, that's the plan. I'd like to not be on the list of actual MDK victims.
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User Info: rdking96

4 years ago#87
You mean FPS would finally be gone? For good? Perhaps I will finally see an upside to having Liberals run Washington...
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User Info: cdog21

4 years ago#88
Probably just play Bejewled all day. I honestly can't think of a game in my library where guns aren't the main weapon or have some significant part in it.

Can't play Assassin's creed since cannons are "guns". Halo nuff said.


Just realized that I could still play games in the Dragon Age series.
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User Info: pothocket

4 years ago#89
creep50 posted...
pothocket posted...
If guns were banned from videogames I'd use it as a case study to show how the death rate of virtual NPCs has not changed and thus guns are not the problem. Then I'd use that to draw direct real world comparisons as evidence that removing guns from society will not lower the rate of violent crimes.

that would not prove whether guns are the problem... it would prove that video games are not

No, was a joke...and I think you missed it.
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User Info: Firion09

4 years ago#90
I'm an RPG gamer. They might have to take guns away as a weapon, but largely the games wouldn't be majorly affected.
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