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Best Voice Actor in the Industry

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User Info: deimonic

4 years ago#51
Can't believe Claudia Black isn't an option.

User Info: seth4461

4 years ago#52
Jim Cummings or Linda Hunt
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User Info: GorillaOnRoof

4 years ago#53
deimonic posted...
Can't believe Claudia Black isn't an option.

Supposedly he was in that Brutal Legend game. I haven't played it yet so I don't know.
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User Info: Luthor_

4 years ago#54
I just voted for O'Brian as he's a fellow Irishman.

User Info: battlfrnt2006

4 years ago#55
gabrius posted...
Michael Ironside, DAMMIT.

Pretty much this.
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User Info: Atalalama

4 years ago#56
For voice actor? Not actress?

Haley Joel Osment

User Info: Ryan2002

4 years ago#57
John Dimaggio(Marcus Fenix/Bender) or Ron Perlman(Fallout Narrator).
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User Info: The Red Shadow

The Red Shadow
4 years ago#58
Cam Clarke
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User Info: iAmTheTot

4 years ago#59
You really should have put some notable roles in parentheses next to their names, I don't know any of those names off hand unfortunately. =/
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User Info: Shin_Gallon

4 years ago#60
No David Hayter? Fail poll.
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