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How the hell did we come in last place this generation?

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User Info: StarGoy

4 years ago#161
DMC, Tekken, Soul Edge/Calibur, Ridge Racer, Final Fantasy, and GTA were all bigger names than those. Sony lost them.

It's not always about losing exclusives, but what people -perceived- as the better console with a potentially better line up.

Many bought PS3s on the hope it would be like the PS2 years all over again. Before the Xbox 360 launched, almost everyone thought the aforementioned games -- with the exception of GTA and Soul Calibur -- were going to remain exclusive.

People also held out hope that their PS2 favourites would be updated. The Getaway, Syphon Filter, FFVI and VII, and others.

Anyway, I digress, I'm on my period.

User Info: zinsindetta

4 years ago#162
Once again what factors into last place? Microsoft is not last in Software. Microsoft has made more money off Xbox Live gold then Wii and PS3 has probably made off all their hardware. Microsoft keeps hitting number one in America which is the country that spends the most on gaming.
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User Info: josh924

4 years ago#164
I like how a good chunk of people responding are seemingly unaware that the TC is talking solely about PS3s shipped compared to 360s shipped. And as we all know (or should know), shipped does not equal sold.
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User Info: shawnmck

4 years ago#165
The answer is very simple....

The XB 360 outsells the PS3 in the US easily, but the PS3 outsells the XB 360 (by a wide margin) everywhere else around the world.
Face it, outside the US, the XB 360 isn't that popular.
I dare say that most people from other Countries despise the US (because their jealous or insecure) and so that will influence which system they buy.

Do they buy a console from a Country that they hate...or a console from a Country that they don't hate...hmmm.?
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