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How the hell did we come in last place this generation?

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User Info: mjc0961

4 years ago#71
Psychofang12001 posted...
I'm probably gonna get the troll bs but didn't next gen start with the wii u already?

It did, but 8th gen starting doesn't mean 7th gen is over.

If it did, 360 fanboys should be celebrating and PS3 fanboys should be crying because 360 was clearly in 2nd place when Wii U came out and started the 8th generation. Instead, they're acting like 7th gen is over because PS3 shipped (not sold) more consoles. I can understand why the PS3 fanboys are using such insanely stupid logic, but why are the 360 fanboys being so stupid?

But again, 7th gen isn't over just because 8th gen started, and of course most importantly, sales don't f***ing matter as long as the platform sold well enough to support itself, which all 3 7th gen consoles did.
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User Info: oxnerd

4 years ago#72
Last place in what? I can't imagine, all my family does is play the 360, I'm the only one playing the PS3 for the Store, playing FF8 right now. I have to agree with the exclusives, I only played FF13 and 13-2 for the PS3 and going to get GTA 5, all these games which you can get on the 360 too.

User Info: toliveira

4 years ago#73
They come in last place for the last few years.. the xbox has been even ahead of the wii before.
Imo it is a console that was fallen out of favor, no xbox only titles that are interesting enough to play to make you choose between the ps3 version..
Buying an xbox 360 game normally comes at a higher price due to live, no exclusive content and the online 12 year olds yelling at you.
I'm not saying that the ps3 is alot better on this.. imo it is pretty tied up.. but its kind of a snowball and its mostly because of the exclusive titles that i mentioned.

User Info: IntoTheN1ght

4 years ago#74
Yeah the PlayStation brand, you know the PS2 the best selling home console of all time? 150 million sold? More than 360+original Xbox combined + 80 million?

Came in last because they relied on the same stale franchises, everything in entertainment has a shelf life. Call of Duty kicking Halo's ass in sales has been bad for Xbox brand, because that meant that the most popular FPS was on the PS3 aswell, nulifying the one advantage MS had.

Add in Xbox Live gold subscription and suddenly the console looks outdated, like a relic from 2007, remember when the 360 was cool? Now it looks like a lame console for baseball cap wearing tools or a console meant for dancing kinect games. They pissed away their reputation as the game console for hardcore gamers, its a mix of Nintendo Wii casualness and old tired franchises like Halo, Gears and Forza being released constantly

Forza Horizon
Halo 4
Gears of War Prequel
Halo: The Reckoning
Forza 5: Desire for Accelaration
Fears of War
Fable: Molyneux Strikes Back
Steel Batalion 9: Better with Kinect
Halo: Ressurection
Gears of War 4: Warfare
Forza Motorsport X
Halo: Insurrection
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User Info: chubbyfresh

4 years ago#75
How not surprising, although 360 was a year earlier it was plagued with some of the worst electronic faults in consumer history, according to forbes magazine who said that in the first 6 months about a THIRD of all consoles coming off the line were faulty. It lost major ground during that time, and MS spent millions and a lot of time opening repair shops and replacing consoles when that time and money could have been used elsewhere...

User Info: Alamyst_

4 years ago#76
Sony is free online.
Sony has free support for their free online.
Sony gives away free games and add-ons
Sony PS3 does not RRD when you look at it.
Sony supports Netflix,
Sony PS3 controller's are not goofy.
Sony's exclusive content is exceptionally better.
Sony PSN store is considerably cheaper and friendlier.
Sony make a better product.
psn Alamyst

User Info: GothicAngel19

4 years ago#77
Heartless18 posted...
the Move has been a complete joke.

I've never been so embarassed to be a Microsoft fanboy. Get your **** together, MS!
And Kinect isn't a complete joke?
Link to the Past > Ocarina of Time

User Info: Lozh900

4 years ago#78
weapon_d00d816 posted...
I don't understand the people that get a PS3 and a 360. I understand have one of these and then a Wii since they're very different consoles, but the 360 and PS3 and almost the exact same thing.

lets ignore the differing exclusive. I mean why should I only buy one of the consoles and then not get to play the others exclusives.

They may be similar but they do get different games. Can't understand that?
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User Info: scoobydoobydont

4 years ago#79
GothicAngel19 posted...
Heartless18 posted...
the Move has been a complete joke.

I've never been so embarassed to be a Microsoft fanboy. Get your **** together, MS!
And Kinect isn't a complete joke?

Certainly to some people would claim so, but they're wrong. Commercially or fun wise? Not at all. 20+ million sold, and a 1 in 4 install base is pretty much the most successful peripheral of all time besides maybe. And no one with friends over (assuming no stick in your/their butts) would deny Dance Central and Kinect Sports are great fun.
The writing was on the wall with Bioware the minute you could completely void all of your decisions with one choice in KOTOR.

User Info: therickmu25

4 years ago#80
Last time I check Sony's quartly and annual earning reports...they aren't winning at anything except going flat ass broke.
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