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Take japan out of the picture and the 360 destroyed the ps3 and the wii

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User Info: EarthViper

4 years ago#41
Terzian313 posted...
Take fanboys with a veerry unwarranted superiority complex-- over a console they bought and not built-- out of the picture and it never matters what sold the most, but what you had the most fun with.
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User Info: Sega9599

4 years ago#42
TC is a known troll. Yet people always act surprised when he comes out from under his bridge.
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User Info: Adzey

4 years ago#43
For current platforms, all figures are current sales as measured by VGChartz

North America: DS - 56.86 mil, Wii - 44,36 mil, Xbox 360 - 42.25 mil, Ps3 - 25.97 mil, PSP - 21.22 mil.

Europe: DS - 51.97 mil, Wii - 32.54 mil, Ps3 - 28.45 mil, Xbox 360 - 23.03 mil, PSP - 21.65 mil.

Japan: DS - 33.01 mil, PSP - 19.48 mil, Wii 12.48 mil, Ps3 - 8.90 mil, Xbox 360 - 1.63 mil.

Rest of the World: PSP - 13.42 mil, DS - 12.43 mil, Wii - 9.21 mil, Ps3 - 9.09 mil, Xbox 360 - 7.34 mil.

Global: DS - 154.27 mil, Wii - 98.79 mil, PSP - 77.75 mil, Xbox 360 - 74.25 mil, Ps3 - 72.41 mil

So basically as measured by VGC, the Ps3 was more popular around the world but America saved the 360 from coming in last and both handhelds and the Wii utterly destroyed the HD consoles

Also if we're gonna look at the software sales figures

North America bought more 360 and Wii games
Europe bought more Wii and Ps3 games
Japan bought more DS and PSP games
Rest of the World bought more Ps3 and Wii games

Globally the standings are Wii, DS, Xbox 360, Ps3 and PSP

Again America saved the Xbox

User Info: HydraliskDreams

4 years ago#44
If you take this topic off of the board, TC still lives in the basement with mommy.
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User Info: CBrate

4 years ago#45
Care to hazard a guess how many xbox purchases were RRoD replacements?
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User Info: lolaqa

4 years ago#46
are people forgetting that the xbox 360 was very poorly made?

i've personally gone through two because the first one broke. my friend has gone through 4.

both us still have our first ps3's
Thanks, Michael.

User Info: EpicLatios

4 years ago#47
Japan probably loves the PS3 so much because the games on the PS3 have way more variety then Xbox. The most popular games are all first person shooters that lack creativity while the PS3's popular games can range from God of War to Resistance to LittleBigPlanet and everything in between. So Japan really only cares about good quality unique exclusive games, which they get plenty of on the PS3, but Xbox releases exclusives at a much slower rate and the Xbox exclusives are mainly FPS which is not popular in Japan.
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User Info: TheyCallMeMrLee

4 years ago#48
JDGFootman1234 posted...
Take out Chinese food is pretty good. Bourbon Chicken is delicious.

Bourbon chicken, add in a little General Tso's and some Lo Mein with a couple crab puffs...I know what I'm having for lunch later.

User Info: doraemonllh1989

4 years ago#49
ps3=harder to develop games for,expensive launch price

not trying to troll,but if 360 cant win ps3 by sales,i think microsoft should shoot themself in the face
my grammar sucks and i dont care
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User Info: sortajan

4 years ago#50
unfortunate for the tc and his hypothetical situation, japan is in the picture, making his argument irrelevant
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