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Why did you choose the 360?

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User Info: Fenriswolf

4 years ago#11
Because I despise the PS3 due to it's pathetic fanboys.

User Info: zyxomma100

4 years ago#12
Because I was excited for Halo 3.

User Info: Rob_the_Ninja

4 years ago#13
I bought a 360 because it was the only next-gen console out at the time. I keep my 360 around simply because third party games tend to run better on it, especially stuff like Bayonetta and Red Dead that don't have PC ports. If it weren't for that fact, I wouldn't own one.

User Info: Filthy-Grub

4 years ago#14
When I first watched the video for Gears Of War.. I was like im getting that no matter what.
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User Info: FFG_Harness

4 years ago#15
I loved my Playstation 2, but as soon as Xbox Live came out, I knew I had to get it, so I did. Fell in love with RS3, Ghost Recon and Halo so I stuck with it. Bought a 360 and a playstation 3, couldn't deal with the HORRIBLE online interface so sold my PS3 and kept on playing my 360.
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User Info: kingbahamut83

4 years ago#16
Saints Row 1
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User Info: Fiyun

4 years ago#17

User Info: HajimeNoIppo

4 years ago#18
Better system all round, that's why.

User Info: AssassinDX

4 years ago#19
I have all 3 consoles now, but at the time more or less solely because it was close to half the price of the PS3.

User Info: Jukain

4 years ago#20
Lost Odyssey
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