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Why did you choose the 360?

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User Info: Solid Sonic

Solid Sonic
4 years ago#51
At the time because the PS3 was still expensive and I wanted Burnout Paradise.
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User Info: nintendo3000

4 years ago#52
HD Perfect Dark with online.
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User Info: w00dm4n

4 years ago#53
The Xbox 360 chose me

User Info: Pacman2dx

4 years ago#54
Halo, Gears and it happens to be the platform choice of my friends.

I have a PS3 though.
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User Info: C810

4 years ago#55
I choose 360 because at the time I was tired of the Playstation and I didn't want a Wii. Also, I was really into shooters at the time so I went where Halo was headed. I liked the original Xbox S controller better then the PS2's Dualshock as well. Plus, I really liked the first Fable and was excited for the next one. Although I didn't find it horrible, it was nowhere near as great at the first one.
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User Info: nazacuckoo

4 years ago#56
DeadCeIIScout posted...
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User Info: CorneliusNepos

4 years ago#57
Dead or Alive 4.
There have been other exclusives since then that have made me glad I got a 360 but, ever since getting a PS3, it now basically collects dust as I'll always choose the PS3 version over that of the 360.

User Info: bundy

4 years ago#58
Let's reveal the real reason for a lot of people: XKEY

User Info: tremble1476

4 years ago#59
Custom Soundtracks
Majority of Friends own one
Carry over some of my original Xbox games
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User Info: PlaiPie

4 years ago#60
The 360 was about 300, and the PS3 was like 600 or 700, and I liked the controller better.
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