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Why did you choose the 360?

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User Info: Perfect Light

Perfect Light
4 years ago#91
Cheaper, better controller and Mass Effect. - New gaming series
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User Info: bigybri

4 years ago#92
kingu.., that's a good point about the "achievements" being implemented from the beginning of the 360's launch. I remember it taking forever for Sony to implement "trophies'.

At first, I didn't know what the big deal about "achivements" was. My good friend said he preferred playing multi-platforms on 360 because "achivements" was fun and addictive.

A year later I got the "achivement" bug when I looked at my profile and took a trip down memory lane looking at the "achivements" I earned and was compelled to play some older games like "Forza 2" and "Bioshock" get some "achivements."

Even X-Play (R.I.P.) would often run statistics about "achivements" some easy ones. And GAmeinformer ran an article about the highest "achivements" on XBOX live. Evidence that "acivements" are taken seriously, or "gamer score" is cool bragging rights.
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User Info: Drakillion

4 years ago#93
Because it had Star Ocean: The Last Hope, Tales of Vesperia, and HALO 3!
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User Info: AmazingDany

4 years ago#94
656stooge posted...
Exclusives and because of MS's attitude with the first xbox. They seemed to be doing their best to make the best console possible for gamers.

Now they don't give a damn about exclusives or gamers though, so I'm not buying their next console.

Calling bs right there.

User Info: WiiThoko

4 years ago#95
Simply because it's what most of my friends have. I kind of wish I got a PS3 though, I don't really play many 360 exclusive games.

User Info: TantrumBull

4 years ago#96
Funny enough I got it for the same reason I got the xbox and that was because it simply had games on it that interested me more than the other consoles.
For what ever reason G_gglypuff completely forgot Ninja Gaiden Black is an Xbox game even though I told him it is and even told him I have it. >_<

User Info: motoraptor

4 years ago#97
Friends. My first entry into this gen was a PS3 which had exclusivity for a number of years before I bought my xbox. I bought the xbox because I was tired of playing CoD with just one of my friends when everyone else was on xbox. Bought the 360, PS3 is now in the living room as a netflix device. I don't really care for exclusives from either side. The PS3 mentality was that all the exclusives were cool but come release day, they're not worth getting. Latest victim of this mentality, PS All Stars.

Oh, and party chat is superior to blue-tooth on PS3. Unfair comparison, but that was my set-up.
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